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1. Which country in Africa is one of its few nations that has never been a colony in the true sense, but was occupied by Italy for a few years before and during World War II? 2. Which West African country, that has been independent since 1847, was founded as a settlement for freed African slaves from America? 3. Name the African country that is made up of a group of islands and known all over the world for its unique plants and animals? 4. Do you know the old name of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare? 5. Which is the most populous country in Africa, is named after a great river that runs through it and its capital city is Abuja? 6. In which African country would you find The Cape of Good Hope? 7. According to the 2006 census, which African capital city had the greatest population within its city limits? 8. What do descendants from continental Europe who immigrated to South Africa call themselves? 9. Name the African country, one of its most stable ones, that was a British colony and is named for its tallest mountain. Hint: It’s a popular tourist and safari destination! 10. Which African nation was formerly called Zaire?

Answers: 1. Ethiopia 2. Liberia 3. Madagascar 4. Salisbury 5. Nigeria. Its name is derived from River Niger. 6. South Africa 7. Cairo, Egypt 8. Afrikaners 9. Kenya 10. Democratic Republic of Congo

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