Published Mar 30, 2013 07:00am

If you cut two apples and three pears into 10 pieces each, what would you have? Fruit salad


Why did the baby computer stay away from school? It had a bad virus.


Why did the computer screen go to school? So that it could become a school monitor.


Sunny: I know someone who is 30-year-old and who’s still in fifth grade. Ben: No way! Sunny: Yes, she’s my teacher.


Teacher: I take real pleasure in giving you a 90 in the science test. Student: Why don’t you give me a 100 and really enjoy yourself?


What snacks did the computer laptop have? Computer chips Where does it never rain? Under an umbrella!


Why did the computer go to the school cafeteria? It wanted a few bytes.


Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework? Student: The hard drive ate it.

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