THIS is apropos of the letter ‘Growing number of road accidents’ (March 24). I agree with the writer that road accidents have greatly increased and fatality rates have become a serious problem in the country. However, I would like to add some points.

Road accidents are usually caused by lack of awareness and consciousness about traffic rules. Moreover, human errors further aggravate the problem. It is, indeed, a matter of fear and dread.

Road accidents can be reduced by increasing police surveillance, imposing heavy fines in case of violation of rules, improving road infrastructure and local public transport like Metro Bus Service. Improved local public transport will surely reduce the number of vehicles on roads, resulting in reduction of road accidents.

Road-safety laws need to be comprehensive on key-risk factors like speeding, wearing seat belts/bike helmets and their enforcement should be strengthened in Pakistan.


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Ahmad Naeem Chishti
March 28, 2013 12:11 pm
Traffic problems are enormous. We cannot blame any institution for disorder on the roads. We are responsible as we dont try to follow anything at all. We violate traffic signals,and love to drive fast,. zigzag drive is our favorite, wrong side overtaking is common, seat belt is considered waste. we dont use helmet while riding motorcycles. One wheeling has become the pride of acrobatic youth. we have no driving licences and we feel no need to have it. We drive vehicles which are not fit for driving. We overload the trucks and damage the roads. We care nobody on the road. We litter the roads with hell of things. We give no space to pedestrians and pedestrians give no space for vehicles in return. Slow moving traffic goes on very right side of the road causing hurdle for fast moving vehicles. We dont follow the lines and lanes while driving. We use the mobile phones while steering the car and just forget the world around us. We take silencers of the bikes out and create hell of clamor. We emit clouds of smoke in the atmosphere. We violate every rule and then philosophize things like philosophers. We love to talk and blame others. What we do is overlooked by ourselves. We are to be blamed and no one else.
March 29, 2013 4:44 pm
It's human nature to do wrongdoings until and unless a strict check and heavy fine is imposed upon them. Therefore, enforcement of safety laws must be strengthened in PAK. It is already being practiced in most of the countries.
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