THE culture department of Sindh has been working very hard and receiving big credits. The department’s seniors are sincere and seem to have a keen interest in culture and hence their department.

Many projects were planned, some have already been initiated. Multiple museums and libraries have been dedicated to the dignitaries belonging to Sindh and have been inaugurated.

A number of books by renowned writers have been published and reprinted. Conferences, seminars and programmes are routinely commenced by the department to pay homage and tribute to scholars, writers, poets and others. The staff has been aware of the heritage of the province.

A few months back the culture ministry’s secretary, Abdul Aziz Uqaili, took notice of the land grabbing taking place at the site of the shrine and graveyard of Hazrat Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim and of the antique and precious stones which were embarked at prominent graves present in the historic Makli graveyard that have got stolen or disappeared with time.

Bhambore, an old heritage site, has now been improved for archaeologists to study, and its antiques have been preserved carefully in a museum located at the site.

Similarly, many other indigenous missions have been accomplished so far or are in the pipeline. Such attention to culture is necessary and worth acknowledging. After all it is about how we maintain our heritage.

This would also give rise to tourism which could help contribute financially to a few households in the poor interior regions of the province. Hope that the department continues to work with the same zest and zeal in future.


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Shahrukh Venjhar
March 24, 2013 12:48 pm
We really hope to see, in future, such progress and much more in culture department and over all as well. Thank you Areeb to enlighten such good work. Good, keep it up.
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