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TODAY the world walks over the road of science and technology. Whether it is business, education, health, commerce, or economic conditions, a potential difference has always been found among them all.

Good professionals of related areas and sectors are busy enhancing their business activities, debiting liabilities, and increasing proprietorship and capital through financing in tangible and non-tangible assets.

And some successful layers have likely been adopted by analysts or professionals to explore the supply across the country and the world. In this way, science and good communication have played a vital role in the way of success because through science people can have programmed-human-like machine which is ‘robot’, that has decreased human efforts and also facilitated people and so many sectors of life, and it always operates according to the instructions that are assigned (programmed) by programmers/software engineers.

Developing a robot needs a pale of logic. While good communication layer among different entities has knelt down the knees of unreliability, frustration, deprivation and also geared up the trust, forgiveness, love, and care.

In my opinion, without computer technology, software technology and good communication environment, people and their life’s related sectors are zilch. This is because we are all integrated circuits of the globe which have different tasks and commands to operate.

Therefore, having awareness about science and technology and importance of good communication environment, the authorities concerned should organise fairs and seminars at public places, science parks, district libraries, schools, collages and universities.

And the print and electronic media should also take part in this initiative by publishing weekly articles regarding science and technology . It must invite computer scientists and engineers to share their important ideas on television for the sake of promoting technology and communication for all.

And the profit-oriented organisations and non-profit-oriented organisations must also come forward to do the same with the help of good-natured people, well-heeled business communities, industrialists, international welfare agencies, including Unesco, Unicef, UNDP, etc, with the coordination of the government.


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Riaz Akbar Mar 24, 2013 03:20am
No one can deny benefits of science & technology as world is moving very fast so in order to take pace with the world, there is dire need to implement the expertise acquired so far by Pakistani Scientists and Engineers.This can only be achieved by full backing of the government whether at federal or provincial level.The writer of this column emphasised on holding seminars which must be encouraged but next step is its implementation.For instance, loadshedding is a burning issue for the entire nation but concerted efforts are not being made to get rid of it beside having potential to overcome it.
muhammad zeeshan Mar 24, 2013 03:49am
its is meaningful to know that each person has it job in the universe of technology and technology is equipment for people to fasten in their field,