A UNIVERSITY is a place where students learn and get knowledge to make a better society. After a cursory glance on the canteens of the University of Sindh, one can easily witness cases of child labour. Minor boys, aged 12 to 16, work on daily wages there.

Many times debates are held regarding child labour at the university or a topic is given for essay contest.

Sadly, at the same place children are working to earn money.

Child labour is a serious social problem and measures should be taken at least by the university as we can make a model of a better society at the university.

I request the vice-chancellor of the university to take measures against child labour as soon as possible.


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satram sangi
March 22, 2013 8:43 am
very bad. it is trouble and tragedian in sindh. unmask--------
Tahir A
March 22, 2013 10:23 am
Good point. The vice-chancellor, tutors and the University management should be ashamed of themselves and resign. How can such people purporting to be mentors of conscience and academic excellence expected to produce worthwhile citizens of the nation.
March 23, 2013 4:33 am
Child labor in third world countries is a harsh reality driven mostly by economic factors. I am not sure if the solution to this could be as simple as not employing children at all as this would not address the root cause and may create more financial agonies for families where these children are the major bread earners. However, one cannot absolve the employers of all responsibility towards doing their part in making sure these children are given a fair chance for a brighter future. The university can set an example by offering free education and skills building classes to these young employees during the evenings while they can still keep their daytime job with reduced number of hours perhaps. This should apply to every business, every household that employs these young workers who cannot afford to go to schools and are forced to earn money doing odd jobs. We, the educated ones need to do our part and should take it upon ourselves to educate at least one child out there ? just imagine what a difference that would make in a child?s life!
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