Woes of the disabled

I APPLIED for the post of trade officers in the ministry of commerce and was called up for test in Islamabad.

I requested the minister and officials of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) to conduct test for disabled applicants in Karachi or other major cities where they reside.

But to my utter disappointment it was not given a due consideration. I pointed out that disabled people are already overburdened with medical expenses and it will be injustice for them to spend thousands of rupees to appear in test in Islamabad.

I recently watch and read news on TV channels and print media regarding redtapism in appointments where a renowned academic institution like Lahore University of Management Sciences  is involved.

I request the chief justice to take notice of this injustice and also provide equal chance to the disabled applicants.

Having gone to Islamabad to appear in test may have resulted in loss of huge hard-earned money.


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