ISLAMABAD, May 2: Preliminary investigations in the killing of three family members by the patriarch who later committed suicide suggest severe financial crises as the cause, policemen close to the investigation told Dawn.

They said the family head, Afzal Raza, had killed his wife and two daughters because he was of the view that women could not survive in the society without the male.

He spared his son, Ahmed Raza, since Ahmed was a male and could survive alone, the police established.

Ahmed told the police that Afzal Raza had migrated from Karachi after he failed to earn livelihood for the family. He was also frightened by the ‘bhata mafias’ who frequently approached him for extortion.

Besides, the victim was also afraid for the future of his children, especially his daughters, and frequently discussed the issue with his wife, the police quoted Ahmed, adding that he was frightened someone would harm his daughters in the city.

Later the family moved to Islamabad and Afzal established a computer shop in Dubai Plaza, Rawalpindi. However, the business was running in loss.

Ahmed further informed the police that his father told him he (the father) owed some money to people, and had failed to pay them back. Besides, he was also booked twice by the police in separate criminal cases.

However, Ahmed did not know the details of the loan and the cases registered against his father.

The police said investigators were examining the mobile of the victim through which he had sent SMS to different people informing them it was his last contact. They added that Afzal had also written about the loan he bore and his failure to return the amount.

Investigators are trying to trace the people who got the message from the victim. Besides, police from other districts were also collecting details of the cases registered against him. It is yet to be established which police booked Afzal and for what offense, the police added.

The pistol is also under examination to trace its ownership and to ascertain how the victim managed to get it.

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