THE May 11 election is a noteworthy event in the history of Pakistan. Our independent judiciary and the Election Commission of Pakistan have taken an unyielding stance against corrupt politicians. Some have been arrested and disqualified while some are being compelled to renounce the perks and privileges received from the taxes of the poor people of Pakistan.

Some suggestions follow: First, the ECP should make it obligatory on all government and semi-government employees to caste vote on the election day. If they do not do so, their salaries should be withheld.

Secondly, students who are studying in colleges and are 18 should also be asked to caste their vote.

A vote certificate should be offered to students if they apply for government jobs. It should also be part of documents submitted by women for making marriage certificates. In this way people will be sensitised about their responsibility rather than sleeping on the day of election.

By adopting this method, the maximum numbers of people are likely to caste their vote.


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Roger USA
April 28, 2013 7:05 pm
Mohsin, NOT casting the vote is a choice too! Somehow you know that casting the vote, with the choice of "None Of The Above" not available, will get a better outcome? Think it through, please! Actually, in REAL democratic countries, there is a tradition of Civil Service, and Officers in the Armed Services, to NOT to exercise there constitutional right to cast their vote so as to not color there thinking with politics of the day. If anything, given Pakistan's sad democratic history, you should ask people in positions of infuence to abstain from exercising their right to vote, and instead assist with bad law and order situation due to the upcoming elections.
Syed A. Zafar (USA)
April 28, 2013 2:40 pm
Well, first of all we have to decide honestly and impartially, whether the ECP especially the CEC is honest, impartial and competent or not. Before I give my opoinion, let me assure the readers that I do not belong to any political party of Pakistan. My party's name is Pakistan. In my observation and honest opinion, the ECP and especially CEC is not honest, impartial and competent. It is working together with the judiciary under the strict instructions and control of CJ through its army of right wing RO's to serve the interest of right wing parties, be it PTI, PMLN or JI. The proof of it, is the list of qualified and not qualified election seeking candidates. The results are very clear. The most disqualified candidates are from liberal/secular parties and the most qualified candiadtes are from right wing parties like PTI, PMLN and JI. Rest is just topi drama in my opinion. Besides, think about it, who are the parties in Sind directly effected by SC/ECP's campaing/order of delimitation in Kakarach after the announcement of the election, which is the violation of constitution in my opinion. I believe it is to help the out side right wing regional parties to establish its vote bank in Karachi, and to take votes away from MQM and other parties. Not only this who is attacking and stopping liberal parties to have open jalsas and run for election campaigns and ECP is not doing any thing about it? And who is allowed to have open jalsas and campaigns without any fear and with full support of SC/ECP. Is it not pre poll rigging then what is it? When it comes to writer's suggestion that all governmnet employees must be bound to vote regardless of their status, I fully agree with it. However, engaging our teeagers to vote before 18 is little bit out of logic and common sense. Let them complete their basic education first.
Husain Jan
April 28, 2013 6:04 am
Good suggestion ...but the removal of the option to vote for no one (blank box) by ECP on the pressure of political parties is not understood as it would have prompted many more to go to polling stations. Why should one be forced to vote for a candidate even if none of them is considered as good in the eyes of the voter ? Sadly, the ECP has buckled under politicians pressure and backtracked on many of its earlier announcements, including the blank box option. When the ECP failed to implement its much trumpeted "ruthless scrutiny" promise made to the nation how can the disappointed voters be expected to participate in the voting process.
April 28, 2013 8:44 am
Spot on. I totally agree. We have to nab the non government employees and non-students as well. I am sure something along these lines can be implemented for them as well.
April 28, 2013 9:40 am
Why must we force other people to do what we believe? What is this obsession among us to stick our nose into other people's affairs?
April 28, 2013 9:46 am
I wish we could think as free man and not let tyrannical miniature dictators take away our God given free will entirely.
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