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KHAR, April 24: Said Badshah of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid on Wednesday announced to withdraw his candidature from NA-43, Bajaur Agency in favour of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Shaukatullah’s father and independent candidate, Haji Bismillah Khan.

The announcement was made during a public meeting at the house of Haji Bismillah in Nawagi area here.

Tribesmen, elders, PML-Q activists, and supporters and sympathisers of Said Badshah showed up in large numbers.

On the occasion, Said Badshah said PML-Q had fielded him in NA-43 constituency but he had decided to withdraw his candidature from there in favour of Haji Bismillah due to poor party position and disinterest of the local party leadership in the May 11 electoral exercise. He alleged that the local party leadership was discouraging workers.

Said Badshah said the local party leadership had promised to provide him with support and financial assistance for election campaign but failed to keep the promise.

He alleged that the local PML-Q president had misused the party funds allocated for the election campaign in the area.

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