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A plea for sectarian harmony


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THIS is with reference to the letter ‘A plea for sectarian harmony’ by Zafar Rajput (March 3) in response to Nadeem Paracha’s earlier article on ‘Petro games’ (Feb 24). Halfway came the lines: “It is a wrong perception to ridicule the Wahabi sect. In fact, Wahabi is not a sect...” This was followed six lines later with, “Wahabism is the most pious sect based on the true Islamic laws and Sharia. In the Wahabi sect...”

At that point I realised that the writer had either lost the plot or had a different agenda. The letter condemns US hegemonic policy (the writer’s prerogative and a viewpoint shared by many non-partisan people across the world).

However, Pakistan’s ills are attributed only to the US and India.

Such all-encompassing drivel is standard establishment mantra. In fact, later in the night following the bomb blasts retired general Hamid Gul recited the same mantra on TV in more or less the same words.

Most curiously, while holding everyone responsible the writer makes no mention of the Taliban or Al Qaeda, both original products of Saudi largesse. They have made Pakistan a battleground for the proxy war being fought between the present darlings of the West and the currently greatest enemy, Iran.

“Have we ever heard of sectarian riots or suicide killings from that part of the world?” Yes, but, small and tucked deep in the bowels of the media so it does not easily offend. Three references in the same edition: “176 held in S. Arabia after demo.” (P15 and on the same page) “Al Qaeda issues advice magazine for militants.” Then the picture on the back page: of women demonstrating in Bahrain, the only country where Saudi troops marched in to support its hereditary minority rulers.

I would refer the author and other readers to a commentary in The Guardian  by Glenn Greenwald. “Brookings’ Bruce Riedel urges intensified US support for Saudi despots,” ( 19.01.13). Let us understand the simple economic reality that the US dollar is what it is largely because of the petrodollar being bled dry to keep the status quo for US /Israeli interests.

The letter was not a ‘plea for sectarian harmony’ but an unabashed call to embrace the imported cancer that is destroying Pakistan.


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Masood Mar 10, 2013 01:34am
All this mess in Pakistan is due to influx of religion in politics; the only solution is banned on all politics of hate on the base of religion, region, race(language.. putting all Madaras under Govt. supervision; no funds to madaras from any other source except Govt.... converting those Madaras into regular schools with religion as a one subject..all other solutions are hypocrisy and .giving cover to those animals who are slaughtering human being on the pretext of sect or different religion. Time is running out...Security agencies are already far behind terrorists or having lousy strategies..
Yawar Mar 10, 2013 03:01am
Sectarian harmony can only be achieved if each group stops declaring themselves as Jannatis and the rest as Jahannamis. The decision of who goes to Jannat or Jahannum belongs to Allah and Allah alone.
khanm Mar 10, 2013 12:07pm
said it so many times.... it has nothing to do with religion. It is all about power and control and the economical interest. The economic theory of Adam and smith has never changed. Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.