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PIA: Better than the local bus?


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-Illustration by Feica.
-Illustration by Feica.

You are never fully prepared for a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight. That’s because anything can happen before, hopefully not during, or after the flight lands, safely. That is if you are lucky enough. Or know the exact number of prayers to keep your nerves in control.

Because as it seems, the PIA management is completely fine with the way things are moving along, debts and untrained staff notwithstanding.

A little off track I’m going to go. But there is a point to all of this. On February 3rd it rained in Islamabad after a three-day dry spell. Being on a media summit with colleagues we were happy about the rain, as Karachiites usually are. But what we didn’t know was that we’d be enjoying the rain on our plane ride all the way back home as well.

The rain went on even while we were boarding our flight (PK309) to Karachi. My colleagues and I found our seats and put our handbags inside the overhead compartment. But there was one problem. There was water dripping from the ceiling of the plane. Not like droplets, but dripping as if there is a hole in the ceiling.

We looked at each other and then at the air hostess, who conveniently retorted, “Haan toh? Peechay beth jayein.” And we moved a row back, still appalled.

Visibly angry with her reply but with his wits intact, one passenger turned towards us, and said: “Haan theek hai na ... Nahatay huay jayengay.

Within a minute there were complaints from other passengers too. An airhostess was asked to check what was happening. While trying to calm other passengers down, she herself eventually got annoyed as a few drops fell on her neatly coiffed hair.

Amidst all that was happening, it was shocking to eventually find out that it was a double deck aircraft, Boeing 747; an international airplane which was not even in proper condition to fly domestically.

If that seems like the end of the story, it is not. We were ‘requested’ to move upstairs which we did, not before taking out our handbags from the overhead compartment and found that there was water inside the compartment too. Our complaining fell on deaf ears, as the airhostesses continued staring us with that bewildered ‘Haan toh’ expression.

With drenched bags in hands we moved upstairs and by this time the plane was on the runway. The air hostess asked us not to open the overhead compartment and keep the bags with us. Within a few minutes, the overhead compartment fell open, with a loud thud, making a passenger behind our row let out a shriek, which provided much needed entertainment, if there wasn’t enough available already.

Landing back home safely, thankfully, and laughing about the whole plane ride, the only thing I didn’t find funny was the fact that PIA once had a superb record of having a well-trained staff, a fleet of well working aero planes, as well as known for establishing 36 famous airlines, including Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

Somehow, for the past few years, the only news coming out of PIA pertains to the fact that it is gradually turning into a local bus. This gradual degradation happened because of the ever increasing cases of mismanagement of funds, and corruption.

Though the Supreme Court took notice of that, there seems to be no immediate solution in sight. Apart from the fact that the PIA management needs to wake up from its slumber and restore whatever is left of the national carrier, before it becomes a laughing stock internationally. If it isn’t already.


The writer is a reporter at

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Dr. Qazi Mar 08, 2013 07:22pm
Hi, No one can deny that PIA lost its glory due our desi (sub-chalta-hai) attitude. Government is to blame and so is our culture and our attitude towards customer service and organization. Water leaks in 747 on a rainy day however is mostly technical. There are possibly two main sources of water leakage in a 747. 1. Condensation from the air-conditioning. This is common in planes in addition to 747, especially when it is raining or it is a really hot and humid day. If the plain is old and its vents and filters are dirty, the leaky water brings foul smell as well. 2. Water leaking in the cabin when 747s are parked on the ground on a wet day. The water leaks through the upper deck doors due to its angle on the upper fuselage. This is because the plane is not pressurised and the door seals are not being pushed against the door frame structure and water is leaking through the gap. Hope this explains things a bit and takes away tiny bit of the anxiety we all experience when flying with less than reputable airlines. Glad you had a safe journey. Dr. Qazi
abbs Mar 08, 2013 07:09pm
Thats why uts called "Perhaps It Arrives"
Guest63 Mar 08, 2013 05:32pm
For Sure Almighty WILL NOT COME to our aid . It will be UnGodly act on his part as it will be against his Eternal Divine message already told loud and clear " thy will not change a nation ....... " So Do not fool yourself Dear Dynsus
Vijay Mar 08, 2013 08:53pm
Has it occured to you that it could be a leaking toilet?
Tariq Mar 10, 2013 11:13am
What do expect when Fed Gov hands over PIA to incompetent, unqualified and corrupt cronies to run it with an equally irresponsible Board of Directors composed of political nominees and retired former corrupt bureaucrats like Capt Neseer to give their stamp of approval on every Business Plan submitted to them. The water dripping from ceilings would either from clogged toilets on the upper deck, or from clogged water drain outlets that are supposed to be heated when airborne. This is an airline where funds are not available to procure spare parts for its fleet of old and new aircrafts, but strangely billions available for purchasing new aircrafts which offer substantial kickbacks to those at helm both in PIA and Islamabad, or for salary hikes of an airline notoriously declared as the worlds most surplus employee to aircraft ratio in the entire aviation industry. If only PIA was handed over to competent management with integrity, free from interference by MOD or the sitting political government, it can still survive and become profitable.
abbs Mar 08, 2013 07:05pm
Jiye Bhutto
Tahir Mar 08, 2013 07:30pm
Professionalism come from top to bottom... we selected the wrong and incompetent leaders... they are responsible for mismanagement, corruption and decline. We all are responsible for selecting wrong peoples to rule our homeland. If we play our role in selecting suitable i.e, loyal to country, competent and visionary leaders, then we can expect a good change..
Vijay Mar 08, 2013 08:55pm
Vijay Mar 08, 2013 08:52pm
Please forward it to your fellow countryman; abbastoronto; you both live in the same city. Abbas thinks Canadians, Americans and Indians live in the past and Pakistanis live in the future!
Jahanzeb Punjwani Mar 08, 2013 08:32pm
well if you didnt have an umbrella its not there fault or is it?
Agha Ata (USA) Mar 08, 2013 07:15pm
PIA better than a bus? You must be joking! :))
Ekone Mar 08, 2013 03:01pm
Never ever fly pia, not even as dead body
achaa Banda Mar 09, 2013 01:07am
True that there are some issues, all airlines have some issues, even the best ones. But it is also true that quality of service in PIA has taken a big hit. It always happens when some rules are bent, specially after the government change, and new people who were ardent supporter of that government are brought in. PIA has been highly politicized. About the Water Leak, it is most likely from the Airconditioning and pilot and cabin crew probably knew about it. No pilot would ever fly an airplane if it was actually leaking from the ceiling due structural problems, as it can jeorpardize their own lives, no one cares more than safety of their own life first and foremost.
Md Imran Mar 08, 2013 01:34pm
How can an airline make any money flying 747s for such small trips unless they are filling in 400+ passengers each trip the way JAL does between Tokoyo to Osaka. Also, i'm unable to understand how the 747 could have water leaks. Wont that lead to decompression of the cabin ?
Ash Mar 08, 2013 02:56pm
Hi Saher, I am happy that you have touched on this topic, I would like to highlight a recent incident I run into with PIA staff. I flew from the UK to Islamabad, as soon as I entered in the plane there was a very unpleasant smell and I complained about this and air hostess said please sit down and we will do something about it later. After few hours when nothing was done I requested please could you spray the air-freshner or something and she said after the meal. I waited for a longtime and then made a request for the manager and I could clearly see they were talking to someone and the answer was that he is very busy. I think just an hour before we were about to land to the Islamabad airport, I asked for a complaint form and guess what manager appeared from his hiding place and said sorry we do not have complaint forms we have runs out. He even did not even bother to ask what is the complaint or did not offer an apology. When I landed at the airport the ground staff advised me to complaint at the PIA Blue Area office they have senior management there. I did not give up and went there, I managed to speak to one of the senior manager and he said you should be happy that at least PIA running but we are not sure for how long. He said to me, make a complaint but no one will do anything as most of the staff are incompetent and have paid big bribes for these jobs. He said it is same from top to bottom. I am just a passenger and would like my countries airline to be just like others, as I am paying almost similar amount compare to other airlines on the same route and I am receiving sub-standard service.
Guest63 Mar 08, 2013 05:25pm
Dear Hasnain Haque , You have very well summed it up to the dot . Please Inform Allah ( P I A )
Facts Mar 08, 2013 08:04pm
I am frequent traveler by PIA and other airlines. The writer and the those who likes his fable come from a cetain creed. They find fault in everything which belings to this country. the media is free to tell what you say about the country and its institutions A good writer will comment on good things alongwith special events. People! have made it fashion to disgrace everthing that belings to this country. What a shame ! !
Arshad Jamil Mar 08, 2013 05:58pm
I liked your caption, and your reference to Supreme court for help. Pl. take a deep breadth. That PIA plane did not leak rain (from the roof.) If so, it could not have flown you safely, and planes get pressurized, once those are up high. Most likely, it was excessive condensation from the airconditioning due to very humid air from the rain. It does not happen all the times, but, once a while.Next time, you fly PIA, Pl try to listen, as to how many passengers use the words 'Please' or 'Thank you" to the air hostessess. Slavery is supposed to have been abolished long time back. But, that is not exhibited in PIA flights. Pl try to observwe the anguish, behind the smiles of the air hostesses. Let us give them some dignity. And my advice to PIA: Stop these meals and refreshments. The standard these days is 10 pieces of Peanuts/pretzel, and half of a small glasss of drink, and no calls from passengers.
Jimmy Butt Mar 08, 2013 09:03pm
condensation on ac lines accumulates water. simple as.
asim Mar 09, 2013 12:24am
No you are wrong. PIA eans Perhap it Arrives.
Guest63 Mar 08, 2013 05:41pm
Dear Pardesi , your Love and loyalty for your motherland and your home institution will one day force you to travel on this marvelous piece of air travel journey of a life time and at the end of it if you are alive and kicking , you most likely will end up in PIMS ( they are now giving it a name Z A Bhutto blabla !) , where our top surgeons will eb able to do your brain transplant without ever bothering to put you under total sedation .... You will already be sedated enough so why waste such a medicine on you .......... You are missing a Fun dear Pardesi , have one , perhaps you will then enlighten us more about this flight of fantasy
abbastoronto Mar 08, 2013 10:24pm
The cash bus fare in Toronto is fixed, and for even a 1km ride is Rs 325 (three hundred and twenty five rupees). You get what you pay for. But PIA is another story. You do not get what you pay for.
abbastoronto Mar 08, 2013 10:26pm
747 is not archaic. The last time I checked they were still in production. Moreover, the old ones are continually being upgraded with newer parts.
abbastoronto Mar 08, 2013 10:21pm
In B747 water dripping from above on main compartment was likely from the toilet on the second deck, not rain water from the roof.
Laeeq Mar 09, 2013 12:14am
Dear writer, A hole in the plane is not possible. Please get your facts right and read about how planes fly and how air pressure at 15000 feet is controlled to provide a normal breathing environment inside.. How can the plane have a water hole ? It will destroy the plane. Please don't mislead the people.
Saeed Mar 08, 2013 05:32pm
Horrendous recent experience while traveling from Ibd to NYC. Layover hotel in Lahore (Heaven Hotel) doubled as a brothel. The person at the check in counter asked to pay a cash fee @Rs800 per ticket for checking in saying there was a recent change in levies. No receipt was provided. Loaders asked for Rs 3000 in addition to posted rates of 250 per loader. No receipt was provided. Transit van driver directed me to gouging loaders and said the ones with a higher fixed rate were thieves. Transit to hotel was also not free. People asked for tips every where and were never satisfied with what you gave them. I guess the government has transformed the system into bandits market setting up shining examples at top leadership. Management is probably getting its share of the loot. They should be happy.
Amin Hussain Mar 08, 2013 05:28pm
You mean corruption has a down side?! Who'd have thought...
Jabal_ul_tariq Mar 08, 2013 05:25pm
I have heard that all our Boeing 737 have non-functioning auto-pilots and literrally the pilots manually hold the aircraft steady all through the flight - FYI I stopped flying PIA since last year
Zafari Syed Mar 08, 2013 05:24pm
Its not the rain water from outside the cabin. It is the water that condensates in the air conditioning system due high humidity which it is unable to handle properly. So rest assured there is no chance of decompression. Better way to handle the situation is to keep the cabin temperature a few degree higher and use a ground source for air conditioning (that has its own dehumidifier ) till the engines start and aircraft is airborne. This is a smaller discomfort than the dripping water. I have seen foreign airlines doing it on a rainy day.
G.A. Mar 08, 2013 02:32pm
There is a reason why PIA is jokingly referred to as Please Inform Allah. Not to worry. Our pilots are so good that they can even fly these planes without wings.
Just Guess Mar 08, 2013 04:46pm
Wouldn't a leaking plane mean some sort of serious body defect, even a structural problem? I would never continue on with the journey.
Reluctant Pakistani Mar 08, 2013 04:50pm
I was a lucky one then. I went to pakistan to bring my wife to UK for the first time after she received her visa. We were stuck on the Islamabad Airport for 8 hours without any place to sit. the flight got delayed and delayed and then got further delayed. All PIA flights to UK were checking in on the same desk, the Conveyor Belt was broken. The luggage was piled up like a mountain behind the check In desk. after 8 hrs of queuing we got the boarding passes and had to leave the luggage on the trolley in the queue that we were all standing in long way from checkin desk..everybody had to do that. arrived in the UK to find nobodies luggage had come. It arrived a week later. Unbelievably stressful!
Khan Mar 08, 2013 04:25pm
Long live quota system, when you give jobs based on linguistic background and not on merit this is where the country heads towards ,PIA is part of the country
Hasnain Haque Mar 08, 2013 02:01pm
PIA is only reflecting the state of the country, corruption and incompetence. How the country is managed filters down to all its institutions and establishments. When a country is run by shameful corrupt officials then nothing better should be expected. All this in an Islamic Republic, there is nothing Islamic, republic or democratic about Pakistan.
SR Mar 08, 2013 06:57pm
Jimmy, this is the problem. When you complain to your fellow countrymen and mind you with the best of intentions that hopefully, just hopefully someone, somewhere will are confronted with this question of loyalty to the motherland. When you tell them that things are not normal, that this is not how normal countries or organizations behave, you are further insulted by the insipid remark "Humm koutch naheiN kurr sukktay."
Athar Chattha Mar 08, 2013 01:59pm
I recently moved to Canada, and it is not to my surprise that even Buses come and go following a strict schedule - precise to event a minute. Few weeks we had a huge snow storm (probably the biggest in a decade - as some reported), but things were still moving. Though some timing was disturbed due to the piling of snow of several feet on roadsides; However things kept moving. Just compare the same with what use to happen in Karachi, where only with a rumour of a rain forecast all the roads including I.I. chundrigar, Sh-e-Faisal etc. used to clog. On this sotrmy day I travelled from my office to home on bus then subway and then bus, and did not find a single person complaining. Even the head/ CEO of TTC (Toronto Transit Commission, the giant company which runs, all the busses, subway and street cars) was probably himself on a station taking care of delays and talking to passengers himself. In Pakistan, my last flight to Canada was a PIA one and dont ask what kind of torture I had to face. All passengers from Karachi were flown to Islambad a day before the scheduled day and then from there we came to Toronto the next day !!!! Not to mention the upset it caused to my schedules and handling of last minute affairs (specially when you are migrating), and I am sure to all the others who followed the same course. Worst part: no one at PIA was there to listen to us, no one was even bothered, and no one actually understood if they have done anything bad at the first place. Not to mention the way I saw those poor ladies traveling with kids had to drags their bags from airport to hotel and then back to airport. So to me PIA is already worse than a bus (as compared above)
dynsus Mar 08, 2013 01:45pm
The PIA left tremendous effects on the memory of the writer. What unforgettable flight! What a pity Pakistan is being treated as a stepmother! O God come to our aid!
Hanif Qureshi Mar 08, 2013 01:32pm
Nicely written with a sense of humor but actually, the heart bleeds to read such stories.
foulmouthed Mar 08, 2013 06:38pm
It flies 747 on internal routes because those planes are not airworthy and are not allowed to fly to third countries.
noman a. rehman Mar 08, 2013 06:35pm
The acronym further goes as pain in certain part of anatomy
PARDESI Mar 08, 2013 12:46pm
The acronmy PIA clearly says Pathetic Incompetent Awfull. Knowing this if we still wish to travel on PIA than surely we need a brain transplant
Tahir A Mar 08, 2013 12:47pm
No doubt the 747 is an archaic piece of antique collection for the discerning traveler and enthusiast, I cannot imagine its outer shell riddled with holes (unless it was flying low over Karachi). Honestly, it must have been the accumulation of AC condensate inside the cabin. Here is a tip. Next time while travelling and up there, just open up the windows and get a bit of the fresh air which will go some way in alleviating condensate. Have a pleasant trip next time!
Jimmy Butt Mar 08, 2013 01:20pm
Hmm. The woes of PIA are too familiar to folks here and abroad. A few years ago when the 747s were allowed to enter into the European air space, I flew on a direct flight from Heathrow to Lahore. Although I was not welcomed by the water spillage like the writer on her head, it was the cold air that caressed my feet. On further exploration it turned out that the fresh and cold air was coming from the window side trim panel that was duct taped. When I got one of the stewards' attention to this source of fresh air supply she looked at me in awe and threw what appeared to be a fake smile whilst gesturing with her polished laden nails that it was not the fresh air instead it was the coming from the plane's hold section and there was no need to worry about. Back then I took pictures of the wounded bird draped in band aids and shared with my relatives and friends who were not amused with my audacious act and questioned my loyalty to the motherland.
Abbas Mar 08, 2013 03:19pm
A PIA auditor once told me that if you go to PIA Head Office, you will feel you are in PPP central office. He also advised me to never take PIA as corruption has resulted in purchase of faulty spare parts. Now no one can solve PIA's problem without a honest government which is no where to be seen. The only thing to do is stop flying it and let PPP infested organisation die a natural death.
Haris Mar 10, 2013 07:52am
You said my words. It's a shame to see PIA what it is now.
Amir Akbani Mar 08, 2013 03:46pm
aj Mar 09, 2013 01:51am
Be happy you are still alive.Can you sue PIA for putting your life in danger. I am sure president fund will provide the necessary compensation for your trouble.What a joke?
Pradeep Mar 09, 2013 03:21am
The water must be coming from the toilets.
ali Mar 10, 2013 10:36am
heard? who told you that? your mamoo? Boeing Inspectors check the integrity of flying aircrafts every year all over the world. that's in addition to CAA inspectors. I could expect the air-conditioning fault or some other fault but trust me, any pilot won't fly without any critical instrument not working properly that includes navigation, communication, power plants, fire systems, hydraulics and flight computers (auto pilot/fly-by-wire is a function of the flight computer). lastly I can't understand one reason of people complaining endlessly about PIA when they get even more miserable experiences from other government provided services. simple solution is to stop traveling on it until they bring their acts together!
Sultan Khan Mar 09, 2013 05:17am
For all the national institutions of Pakistan the days of medications are gone; now is the time for surgery.Painful, drastic and apolitical decisions are required. But who will and can bell the cat. People and political leaders both have fixed their eyes only on the present and despite knowing do their best to put a lid on the dangers which are lurking for our coming generations. Just for a few votes billions of rupees are being given in the form of bailouts to PIA, Pakistan Steel Mill, Railways etc. which are not going to be cured by these pills. Similarly, Sasti Roti, Danish SChools, Laptops are all gimmicks. Nations prosper by manufacturing and exporting laptops and not by giving free the imported ones from the taxpayers' hard-earned money. Unless and until each and every Pakistani detaches himself from all sorts of religious, sectarian, ethnic, linguistic and other parochial affiliations and thinks in terms of Pakistan and its coming generations there seems no way out from the present quagmire. One old generation of Germany and Japan sacrificed and the next generations are living a dignified life.
Mohammad Ali Gaad Mar 09, 2013 05:23am
Then we will prefer bus rather then a water-dropping airplane...
Nazir Mar 09, 2013 06:09am
Right on the button Mr. Haque! How can we expect P.I.A. to remain an island of excellence, if it's surrounded by a sea of filth.
Putar Mar 09, 2013 06:22am
Please Inform Allah
Fssj Mar 09, 2013 07:26am
Condensation occurs at the cooling coils which are located in the A/C unit, not above your head!!!This situation indicates stress fractures due to repeated pressurization and depressurization cycles that all aircraft expirence. Except that they are retired eventually, the airframe can take only that many cycles. This is a disaster waiting to happen! After all it does not surprise me, consider the overall condition that Pakistan is and has been, what were you people expecting when you choose to fly with PIA???
Mahmood Usman Mar 09, 2013 08:38am
Please see Fssj's letter above
rommeal Mar 09, 2013 10:00am
With hole in airplane, your next stop would be to heavens not back to Karachi. Please get proper information and SOME knowledge of aviation before giving any misleading information. Its not possible for any airplane whether narrow body or wide biody like B747 to gain altitude. Im sure you are writing this article from a cosy room from Karachi. Little knowlege is a dangerious thing especially if you spread it to massess.
Reader Mar 09, 2013 10:03am
This matter has been reported to DOT
Tahir A Mar 09, 2013 10:23am
Archaic in this context means "outdated". I am not sure where you got the idea that I said B747 are discontinued in production. However, it is re-assuring to know the old ones are being continually upgraded by PIA and to the satisfation of its happy customers. Good thing is you are seemingly making sure newer parts are being used. "Pakistan is always seeking new ways, trying new things, discovering the new paths natural for the times" - quite rightly.
Talking Point Mar 09, 2013 10:51am
Yes u r rite. Even dead bodies need a decent place to rest!
Rashid Sultan Mar 09, 2013 11:02am
PIA's revenge onhalf baked journalists? Or was it PIA staging an in-plane rainfall to acclimatise the passengers for the weather on landing at Karachi? Or, maybe, a practical demonstration of weather forecast for the duration of the journey? Blessed are those upon some rain must fall.
Zahir Mar 09, 2013 11:21am
A latest update from the PIA maintenance engineer on board.
Dr.M.M.Khan Mar 09, 2013 11:38am
Whatever the cause, the water should not have been there. Period.
Arenas Jamil Mar 09, 2013 01:12pm
Planes do not leak, and it is to do with A/C condensation on very humid rainy day. There is lesson to young reporters to do a little home work and get some facts before shooting out reports. And to all those on the band wagon, pl. Be a little honest and responsible. Those air-hostess are also human beings. They deserve a little appreciation.
Zahir Mar 09, 2013 01:15pm
A timely update from PIA Management based in Toronto.
Javaid Lang Mar 09, 2013 02:08pm
It is not only corruption which is running PIA under debt and or under water. PIA has hundreds if not thousands of retirees to provide health insurance and retirement funds. As companies get older and more retires are in-line to collect retirement, it takes toll net-income. PIA has very brilliant people at its pay-role as there are few with disability or compromised talent. It is time to privatize PIA, and Railway. But how? Unions got power!! Dripping water has to be from Airconditioning ducts as condensation builds up upon a tear in insulation. It does not compromise aircraft airworthiness or structural integrity.
helenapple Mar 09, 2013 02:33pm
Getting more and more worried about flying PIA. Always travel to Lahore by road now, and overseas by other carriers. So many folk are doing the same - PIA must be losing millions. But it doesn't need to ....
helenapple Mar 09, 2013 02:35pm
ali Mar 09, 2013 03:23pm
this is just nothing....if you believe me, i had lot more from PIA...they are simply pathetic.
Parvez Mar 09, 2013 03:24pm
As an orginisation PIA is beyond repair, not because it can't be fixed but simply because no one WANTS to fix it.
Jeet Mar 09, 2013 06:09pm
Forget PIA, entire Pakistan and its people is fast becoming a joke......:)
Dad Mar 09, 2013 07:29pm
Its involvement of politics
Cyrus Howell Mar 09, 2013 07:50pm
Think positively.
Cyrus Howell Mar 09, 2013 07:52pm
Airbus a380.
Cyrus Howell Mar 09, 2013 08:11pm
For eternal rest, fly the best - PIA.
Arshad Jamil Mar 09, 2013 10:41pm
It is time for damage control, for an innocent mistake of assuming A/C condensation to rain water leak, spiralling to extreme bashing from many. PIA did not deserve all this negative free publicity, and it is just not fair to them. I am sure that Dawn could offer some corrections, for maintaining highest standards of journalism. people make mistakes, greatness lies in owning a mistake. It does not mean crucifying any one
Robert Yuna Mar 10, 2013 12:56am
I must be fortunate. I've flown PIA across the Atlantic on the 777's half a dozen times from New York and Toronto to Lahore and Karachi. I've always had good and comfortable flights with very good food too. The flights have always been on time, even when I've had to change planes in Dubai. You don't get quite as much privacy in business class as with some airlines but the prices are always favorable. Staff seems dedicated and polite too. I even bought a "Karachi bus" on the duty free cart.
Tariq Mar 10, 2013 01:46am
How can you fix any thing when no wants to fix it? One example, last year there was a passenger in the cockpit with out a ticket and with a security check. Some thing happened and aircraft had to go back to Karachi (by the way aircraft was en route to Europe) Upon arrival its was discovered about uncounted passenger. Upon the inquiry it was discovered that passenger is a close friend of adorable Zardari and the captain of the aircraft is a close friend of honorable Ex PM Gilani. This is only one small example of mismanagement of not only PIA but the poor and miserable PAKISTAN.. I can write volumes of stories these incidents. One of the sufferer.
tahie Mar 10, 2013 02:44am
Like nation,like national airline. Jaysi rooh wasey Farishtey. What a pity.
kanak Mar 10, 2013 04:56am
I took a bus from Niagara Bus Station to Toronto two years ago and as the road was broken, the bus had to take a big detour. The driver told me that the road had not been repaired for long in patches and me and my family felt like going in our village road. Not everything in Canada and in the UK is roses where in Wimbledon the taxi driver was originally a professor of physics in Pakistan.
William Mar 10, 2013 05:48am
its very strange how can the rain water get in!..aircraft cabin is pressurized and even a small leak (in mm) can cause a big hole to develop in mid air because of pressure differential...and as the writer stated that the aircraft landed back safely so i am sure its not a STRUCTURAL PROBLEM, the water would have gotten in some other way...may be thru the finger which is attached to the aircraft for boarding the passengers, and its the responsibility of the Civil Aviation staff to check the aircraft for its air worthiness before it flies. Incompetent PIA staff would have bribed the incompetent Civil Aviation inspectors...Pakistani Civil Aviation should be held responsible for letting these aircraft fly. They should penalize PIA if they are at fault and ground their aircraft.....but how would Civil Aviation do that.... it is also full of incompetent politically appointed men just like PIA, and the good engineers which PIA have after taking the aircraft licenses (which PIA helps them get) become money oriented and leave Pakistan and join Emirates usually. Pakistani bhaioo, safar ke dua perh kai betha karoo bas.....Haha!
William Mar 10, 2013 05:57am
stress fractures with water seeping in isnt possible....would have blown a big hole in mid air....water got in some other way.....secondly stress fractures are not possible because as per Boeing company laws the aircraft undergoes periodic inspections for checking these kind of fractures.....and PIA does check these cracks....because Pakistani CAA ensures that PIA does that..
William Mar 10, 2013 05:59am
cooling coils of not a
DrTK Mar 10, 2013 06:22am
Maybe it was the Captain peeing on the passengers
really upset Mar 10, 2013 06:37am
Laeeq sahib.. i personally experienced water shower in a rain storm in a 747 and air hostess response was similar to haan to... further question to ponder is the kind of aircraft we purchase...which can have more kickbacks retired 747 from ethopian airlines or new or used planes from reputable carriers...
ali Mar 10, 2013 11:25am
flying to SA once on big bird I heard an announcement advising folks how to use toilets, in 777 its still played on the monitors before flight safety demonstration... so people complaining (traveling on european and american routes) are luckier enough to still milk the best the national carrier can afford to offer to the 'englightened' travelers of these western countries). at least traveling to and from europe twice a year I never saw an old air hostesses awaiting their days of retirement as I witness on domestic routes here. the fact is that, most of the money which the airline brings in, like the most countries (foreign remuneration patterns) comes from the gulf countries, where laborers do all kind of stuff only insane people can bear as normal. its not the government, its people (who brought these thugs to the reigns?), my father told me that once a long time back while fixing avionics they got surprised by the shouting of cleaning staff arguing about who cleans the 'poo' from the toilet sink. nobody can ever even imagine how someone can manage to dump his poo in it? kids' pampers and toilets flooding are common fare traveling on KSA route PIA flights. simply because those who travel on these routes come from unprivileged families and underprivileged areas. a few year back I travelled on Qatar Airways from Doha with 8 hour stop at Doha International and QA staff was literally calling names asking people with their names because they didn't know that their flights are awaiting them outbound. then last year I travelled on Air Arabia from Sharjah to Colombo and there was this Indian sitting next to me who got drunk and literally puked - after calling the airhostess 5 times I stood up to make my way to cockpit (yes I couldn't bear it - as he was having some sort of seizure) and then the head purser who was a Lebanese apologized throughly and offered me her jump seat and picked my bags from my previous seat's overhead compartment. so I figured, its not PIA alone, and its not even Pakistanis alone, its the Sub-continent people and what you can expect on these routes on even the flights which forbid alcohal. then sometimes back there was this influential passenger who got drunk on a PIA flight and had a lighter with which he was threatening to fire the whole aircraft. this was written somewhere in letters to editors in dawn sometimes back. lastly when you never bother to switch off your blackberries, don't give up disturbing other folks (yes, the burger lot), and above all misbehave with the air hostesses what are you expecting? I have seen countless times (and I travel frequently) the burger lot misbehaving with everyone at the airports or even during flight, and sometimes I envy the underprivileged, uneducated people over them, its ok that they stare, talk loud, sing songs, sit on floor (like we also do at american airports during snow storms but don't dare doing the same in our country because, well then, how could we show ourselves off as better than everyone here in Pakistan) but at least they don't go as low as Sharmila Farooqi (you need to see youtube if you don't know about it). Like someone else pointed out that what can you expect when nobody knows the word 'please' or 'sorry' or something like that. KARMA is the word!! next time please vote sincerely!
guru cingh Mar 10, 2013 11:32am
AI - Already Informed
Syed Mar 10, 2013 12:11pm
If you remember PIAs paper tickets earlier, they had clearly indicated you are allowed to take Umbrella on-board, together with some other necessary items. Apparently those instructions had some purpose..! Further I believe you were not so lucky to have drenched in the crystal clear FOC mineral water from the skies, as somebody has already pointed out, it was a 747 Jumbo so it was most probably drainage water from the toilet on the upper deck.