The 62nd Pakistan Flower Show 2013 opened at the DHA Sea View Public Park on Thursday evening and ran till Sunday March 3, 2013.

With the venue neighboring the Sea View Beach, ‘The Flower Show’ seems to be the ideal place for a family on a weekend. With numerous plants and flowers on display the flower show also had an elaborate garden accessories section along with a fully fledged food court at one’s disposal.

This year, the show held sessions and discussions based on horticulture and additional foliage. Prizes were awarded to the best participators and organizers pertaining to various categories.

Majority of the exhibit consisted of plants rather than flowers. The display variety revolved around cactus and bonsai and only a small amount of flowers were imported from Thailand.

The place was jam-packed with public and surrounded by security officials, leaving the environment filled to capacity and congested. This made it fairly complex for a sightseer to navigate their way around the entire exhibition.

— Photos and Text by Shameen Khan/

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