THIS is apropos of Nadeem Paracha’s article ‘Petro games’ (Dawn Magazine, Feb 24). It’s a pity that the writer possesses negative perceptions about Gulf states and Saudi Arabia when he mentions ‘expert’s viewpoint’, blaming them for patronising violent, sectarian organisations and extremists, particularly using Pakistani territory for proxy war.

For a moment let us consider the story narrated by the writer regarding a number of theories by experts related to ‘Arab petrodollar’ in the working of various European and American universities and research facilities. If it is true, then that means the political intellect and vision of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf has been elevated to such an extent in the horizon of geopolitical scenario that they bribe European and American intellectual writers and experts working in for the think-tank to spread anti-Israeli and anti-American propaganda in their own countries.

That is amusing, which means that in the very near future Saudia Arabia, along with other Gulf states, will become a superpower and will make an alliance like the European Union, launch a new currency named ‘petrodollars’, the new world order will become null and void and the petro-Arab world order will succeed. This story is fabricated.

Leave aside ‘petrodollar workings’. From day one, our country owes much to Saudi Arabia and Gulf states. These countries are the bread and butter-winning source for millions of expatriate Pakistanis and Asians who are well-settled as workers and are a major source of foreign exchange remittance for their countries.

Saudi Arabia has always been a helpful friend in need. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have a long-lasting brotherly relation, the same is with Gulf states.

Mudslinging like funding ‘Wahabi outfits’ and to set up madressahs and mosques to propagate anti-Shia and Barelvi sentiments among teenagers is distorting the facts.

It is a wrong perception to ridicule the Wahabi sect. In fact, Wahabi is not a sect, Sheikh Ahmed bin Wahab was a preacher in the 18th century who preached principals of Islam, Sunnah according to Sharia, which symbolises as Wahabism. Saudis are followers of Fiqh of Imam Humble. Wahabism is the most pious sect based on the true Islamic laws and Sharia. In the Wahabi sect the basic principle is to avoid ‘shirk and biddat’, tomb worshipping and ‘ta’awiz gundas’ are forbidden, only to believe in ‘Wahadaniat of Allah’ and Sunnah according to Sharia.

The followers are not only in Saudi Arabia or Gulf states but throughout the world, particularly in far eastern Muslim states like Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunai and the Muslim population area of the Philippines, Mindanao.

Have we ever heard of sectarian riots or suicide killings from that part of the world?  Deobandis and Wahabis, along with Barelvis and the Shia community have been living in peace and harmony fot centuries in the subcontinent. Mr Paracha, unfortunately, overlooked the role of RAW, CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, Afghan intelligence network, all are based in Kabul, Kandahar and other Afghan cities, destabilising and conspiring against the sovereignty of Pakistan across the border by giving training to young, illiterate teenagers and brain-washing them to such an extent that they aspire to become ‘Jannati’ through the shortcut of being a suicide bomber.

Our neighbouring country and friend, Iran, has completed its gas pipeline project in Iranian territory. Our president was recently in Iran to finalise a loan accord for the multi-billion-dollar Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project. The US has got reservations time and again, giving warnings to Pakistan that the act could be sanctionable under US law. India is already creating trouble for Pakistan in the disguise of an Afghan ally based in Kabul across the border, the same is being said by Senator Chuck Hagel, US President Barak Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defence.

One day before the handing-taking ceremony of the Gwadar Port to the Chinese company the massacre of Hazara Shias took place in Quetta.

Are we so naïve that we have put our necks in the sand like an ostrich? We have closed our eyes and ears. Is petrodollar working or is US dollar working?


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March 3, 2013 9:06 am
This is day dreaming. Saudis interfere in the internal politics of Pakistan, has the writer forgotten how Nawaz Sharif was exiled there? Enemies can be combated because we expect the worst intentions. Friends cannot be combated, as you are not expecting any ill intention from them. Saudi falls into the second category.
March 3, 2013 11:01 am
Excellent reply. Glad that someone spoke to expose the fallacies of Mr.Paracha.
March 3, 2013 11:03 am
For long this guy, Nadeem F.Paracha has been writing articles based on his personal whims and desires, without inadequate, rather pathetic, research. It was high time that someone atleast spoke about it.
March 4, 2013 8:47 am
This is good sense of judgement, problem is that majority of muslims are illiterate so they are dependent on mullahs and imams to give them guidance on Islamic teachings and sharia, unfortunately every so called islamic scholar interprets quran verses as per his knowledge of arabic language., even you see arobic translation in english published fro saudi sources normally has translation done by more than one person and you shall find that their translations are slightly different.. So really nobody 100% sure whatever interpretations are given are correct. So based on these interpretaions fighting violently among muslims is disrespect to Holy quran and crime against humanity.
March 3, 2013 12:36 pm
Religion is your private affair and personal conviction. It has nothing to do with the state or affairs of the state. Pakistan is for all citizens of Pakistan irrespective of the Faith. Faith is one thing but profession of faith mixed with politics is another. Who is a Muslim? This point could not be concluded uptil now. Why to waste time on religion and provide opportunity to zhombies to create chaos in the country. What act are you doing according to Quran and Sunnat, If you can not follow it why impose it. The scri;pture has been interpreted by different Imams, Ulemas, Mujtahideeen which creates problem. Their opiion is neither final nor binding on all Muslims. Sharea is opinion which is like shifting sand,
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