People experience plenty of stress in their hectic lives and tend to ignore what they ‘want’ or ‘need’ to do in order to overcome their stress or relax for a moment to refresh and plunge back in busy lives again and start doing things they are committed to every second of the day.

Same old routine and responsibilities, whether it is about finishing some project, earning more money or coping with a disturbed relationship, sometimes become very tiring and exhausting. Putting all those commitments on hold is also not a good idea. What we simply miss here is the wholeness of life. Being focused and stressed all the time makes it nearly impossible to even think about a refuge from worries.

Taking small breaks during the day, merely a few minutes, and working on some mental and physical recreational activities can bring about a positive change in your stressful lives. Here are a few tips to help you relieve stress:

Home relaxation is the first and foremost stress releasing tool for anyone. A cosy, organised and peaceful home, works wonders in providing mental relief. Stepping into a cluttered home can create stress and drain your energy further. Start with getting your home organised, de-cluttered and decorated. This quick physical activity will boost your energy and the soothing surroundings will clear your mental stress as well.

Bonding time can be called the most relaxing moments of the day. Take a few minutes to share the interesting happenings of the day with someone. This person can be anyone you trust like a family member or an old friend. Writing an email or chatting on the phone also helps lower stress.

Make sleep a priority. A good night’s sleep or day-time naps are refreshing and good for getting rid of tiredness or exhaustion.

Try to give yourself maximum time to take rest, it should help your body to regain its strength and let your mind settle.

Laughter is the best medicine as it not only provides emotional satisfaction but also has physiological benefits. Whether it is soundless laughter or loud, both have their advantages. It is obvious that at times it becomes nearly impossible to even smile, but just stopping for an instant and consciously relaxing the whole body and mind by even deliberately induced laughter massages the internal organs and relaxes the nerves.

Lie or sit quietly for a few minutes in a comfortable position where no sounds or lights will cause distraction. Relax all of your muscles, starting from the feet to the whole body by tightening the muscles then releasing them, focusing on your breathing only.

Music is often used to calm down by people of every age. It is a great therapy which functions mentally and physically to help to relax and relieve stress and anxiety. Studies have proven that music helps in slowing down the heart beat, breathing, thinking and helps to relax. It revitalises both body and spirit.

Learning something new or pursuing your individual interests will make you a happier person; therefore a better worker. There is nothing wrong in trying something new and being creative; it will stimulate your brain and make you feel empowered, ambitious and more independent, be it carpentry, interior designing or anything else.

Volunteering is not only about helping others; it can be great fun and an easy way to explore your interests and passion; a great source of relaxation from day-to-day routine of work. Think about volunteering within your time constraints and other priorities and achieve this natural sense of accomplishment.

The grandeur of forgive and forget is the greatest gift that you give to yourselves and others all for free. In order to concentrate on the positive aspects of life, wipe off all the negative thoughts from the mind and forgive yourself and others. This will lessen your burden of pain and serve as a healing exercise.

Since we all deserve love and forgiveness, why not inculcate this positivity in ourselves and initiate to forgive and forget for a happy and healthier life.

Child-like fun may sound crazy but it allows you to indulge in fun activities with kids. This can be one of the best strategies during extra busy time at work or a bad phase. Make an effort to schedule fun activities with your children; even joining in their games like fixing puzzles, watching funny movies, arranging small colourful gifts for them or just chatting or giggling together will make them happy and give you a sense of worth and peace of mind.

Don’t have kids? Plan fun activities with friends or siblings and do all the things you thouhgt you were too old to enjoy any more.

It is all about making your sanity a priority and working to relax accordingly. If bad moods or negative thoughts persist for a long time, it is advisable to get medical help without wasting time. However, attempting minor physical and mental exercises to get over stress can help protect us from major health issues.

Make sure that whatever you do to cheer yourself up does not turn into an addiction. Happy and relaxed people are more inventive and they concentrate better. They have more control on their emotions which direct them to learn, explore and grow.

Updated Feb 23, 2013 11:18pm

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