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Published Feb 23, 2013 09:14am

Powerful and precious This is with reference to the article Powerful and precious by Maleeha Ahmad Qureshi, February 2, 2013.  I liked it very much and got a lot of knowledge about stones through it. And earlier I did not remember the colours in the rainbow but now I will easily remember them with the help of the word VIBGYOR. Mariam Malik Karachi i

II I have been reading Young World since a very young age, in fact, my first ever article was published in YW when I was in grade VI. However, I was extremely disappointed with the issue of February 2, 2013, which featured a cover story on the power of gemstones. There is no substantiated proof with regard to the energies associated with gemstones and such articles end up making young minds superstitious and more dependant on some external stimuli to help them achieve their goals in life — such as using topaz for increasing the intelligence and creativity and wearing agates for protection.  I am into the business of gemstones but I have never suggested to anybody to buy a gemstone with such a belief. Gemstones are beautiful and wonderful creations of God and they should be treated only as such. Hussain Noorullah Via email i

III The cover story Powerful and precious by Maleeha Ahmad Qureshi (February 2, 2013) was interesting. I am very thankful to the Young World writers, who always bring informative stuff for the readers. Faiza Saleem, Kech, Balochistan i

IV This is with reference to the article Powerful and precious by Maleeha Ahmad Qureshi (YW, February 2, 2013). The information about precious stones I acquired from this article made me aware of the qualities of these gems. I request the Young World team to continue providing us with such beneficial and interesting knowledge. Imran Rasheed, Kech i

For your own good This is a feedback to the article For your own good by Yasmin Elahi (YW, February 9, 2013). Every example the writer gave was just so perfect! I feel offended and nagged when my parents ask me a series of questions. Sometimes, it seems like they don’t trust me or they think I’m still a child, but this is actually their love and care. We all are so lucky that we are blessed with caring and loving parents. I enjoyed reading the article. It was simply great! Ramsha Ehtesham, Via email i

II This is with reference to the cover story For your own good by Yasmin Elahi. It was really a thought-provoking article in which the writer made us realise that our parents keep an eye on us only because they truly care for us. We should value their love and not get irritated when they question us about our activities and whereabouts. Syeda Aneequa, Karachi i

School of the future This is with reference to the letter School of the future by Shahzeb Khan (January 26, 2013). The writer beautifully portrayed the schools of the future. Due to advancement in technology, we can expect anything in the years ahead! The inventions that we commonly use these days were unimaginable in the past. Similarly, whatever the writer imagined about the schools in the coming years can also become a reality one day. Sahiba, Turbat i

Education: a must for prosperity IN Pakistan, literacy rate is quite low as compared to other countries. In a developing country like Pakistan, education is a must for prosperity. Education paves way for a better tomorrow. An uneducated person can hardly survive in today’s era where every job requires some education. Education not only ensures a better financial condition but also enlightens our minds, making us capable of taking right decisions. An illiterate person’s abilities are limited, he doesn’t have a broad vision about life and his limitations make his entire family suffer. Therefore, all of us must acquire education irrespective of our gender, cast or creed. The government too, should make more effort in this regard and make access to education easier, especially for the underprivileged. Mahzaib Murad Gichki, Via email i

Beauty at our fingers This is with reference to the article Beauty at our fingertips by Wajeeha Rehan (YW, February 9, 2013). I am really thankful to the writer for sharing with us this wonderful information about nails care. Thanks to Young World I got to know about the ways to have beautiful nails. Now I will try to follow the tips suggested by the writer. Sammi Bohir, Turbat i

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