FOR decades the people of Pakistan are listening to different proposals and agents of change that could propagate streaming a revolution and induce self-reliance and courage in commoners.

But sadly none of them proposed a new system of education. Our education system is a true blunder and has proven this fact through its failure. You may call this as the beauty of the standards of our education that today we are the backbenchers in the class of discoveries and inventions.

We still believe in single examinations which could judge a person’s destiny and either glorify or darken his/her future. Our syllabus is revised and further loaded, establishing the concept of rote learning as the only saviour.

The solution which I propose is educational revival through revolutionary reforms. If we all desire progress and stability, we require an educated nation as the only safeguard for freedom. We should insist on finding a way out, a method that has an efficiency of at least 90 per cent production of successful and on-track people.

Countries like the UK and Australia initiated an education system with semester divisions where series of tests, class participation, co-curricular and extra-curricular performance are judged. This means if a person fails to qualify for a single test, he/she has another chance to prove him/herself. This is the system which produced self-sufficient and efficient people who could credit victories to the nation. Every loyal patriotic nationalist should move on to the next level and raise voice for a better educational system.


Updated Feb 22, 2013 08:06pm

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Feb 24, 2013 08:18am
Corruption is very common in our education system, as many people and even some private schools take bribes in order to pass children by unfair means or by using high sources. This corruption starts from 'matric-level' and goes to 'university level'. The question mark not only raise on our administrations, but it also arise for our citizens as well. Therefore, Cambridge system should be introduced in our school system for the quick efficient progress of the country and there should be zero tolerance for the people who misuse their posts to make their revenues and for those who seeks passing exams by unfair means as a profession.