HYDERABAD, Feb 13: Sindh High Court Chief Justice Mushir Alam said on Wednesday that the character assassination of judges was a conspiracy to keep youths from law studies.

He said the young generation should pay no heed to such schemes and pursue law education to adopt the profession with the aim to help poor people get justice and to serve the nation.

The CJ was speaking at a reception hosted by the Sindh High Court Bar Association, Hyderabad, in the auditorium of the annexe building of the Hyderabad circuit bench.

He said propaganda was being made against Justices Nadeem Akhter and Shafi that they had not paid taxes. He dubbed it as a conspiracy and character assassination of the judges. He said the propaganda was aimed at damaging the reputation of the judiciary.

He said both judges had been practising law for long and they were made judges on merit. They accepted the offer to become judges for serving the nation and the country, not for personal interests. He said the officials concerned must review their claims about the two judges.

Chief Justice Alam said the judiciary was facing many problems, but the lawyers, journalists and representatives of civil society had played their role in restoring the judiciary. He thanked all who fought for the cause. He said the lawyers’ movement was not for an individual, but it was for the nation’s welfare. He said it was the duty of people from all social strata to support that movement.

He said there had been a shortage of judges in the country in the past, but it was not being met because of interference by high-ups. He said if the judiciary wanted to fulfil the shortage of judges, it could easily do so. But the judiciary wanted to appoint honest judges who would work for welfare of the common people.

Chief Justice Alam said that during the movement launched by the lawyers for the restoration of the judiciary, people had to face problems. He said the public had the right to complain about the judiciary. He said constitutional institutions had a golden opportunity during the movement to bring about a revolution in the people’s lives.

He said if orders issued by the judiciary were completely implemented, the law and order situation would have been better. He said young lawyers could achieve better positions with the guidance of their seniors.

He pledged that problems being faced by the SHC bar association, Hyderabad, would be addressed on top priority. He suggested to the office-bearers of the association to form a core committee and arrange seminars, lectures and training programmes for their juniors. He planted a sapling on the premises of the Hyderabad circuit bench building.

Senior SHC judge Justice Sajjad Ali Shah said the Hyderabad bar was very active and he was eager to assist it. He said that he adopted a strict attitude during proceedings of cases to guide lawyers so that they worked harder and helped in early disposal of cases.

Hyderabad bar association general secretary Ayaz Hussain Tunio said the number of members of the bar had crossed the 900 figure because of which the bar faced problems, including a shortage of books in the library and of space in the office.

He said cases suffered postponements due to the shortage of judges in the Hyderabad circuit bench. He stressed that six judges must hear cases in Hyderabad. He requested the SHC chief justice to hear cases at SHC branches, including Hyderabad, after every three months.

Justice Aftab Gorar, registrar of the Sindh High Court Abdul Malik Gaddi, district and sessions judge of Hyderabad Hassan Feroze, Sindh High Court bar association Hyderabad president Nisar Ahmed Durrani and others also attended the event.

Earlier, the SHC chief justice inaugurated the building of district and sessions court Jamshoro near the Jamshoro bypass.

Updated Feb 14, 2013 12:19am

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