WHY has the Sindh government failed to introduce the consumer protection law and consumer courts in Sindh?

The law was promulgated in the form of an ordinance in 2004 and has been signed by the present governor four times, but has always lapsed, as it has never been presented to the Sindh Assembly for ratification due to the lack of political will. All other provinces in Pakistan have introduced consumer protection laws and established consumer courts, so why not in Sindh?

Why is the Sindh government not ensuring that the law is tabled in the Sindh Assembly before the end of its tenure? Are the residents of Sindh different from those of other provinces?

By not introducing this law, callous manufacturers are poisoning the consumers who are buying counterfeit medicines, substandard food items and beverages and contaminated water.

A Karachi-based consumer protection organisation had already filed a suit in the Sindh High Court in 2009 on this issue, but there seems to be no progress even in the court and the consumers in Sindh are still waiting for the outcome. Where should the consumers go for justice?

Depriving the citizens of their fundamental rights and denying them a safe and healthy life and allowing commercial entities to exploit and harm the consumer are truly deplorable.

The incumbent government should introduce the consumer protection law in the Sindh Assembly before it is dissolved.


Updated Feb 14, 2013 12:08am

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