THIS is apropos of your editorial ‘Poisoned atomsphere’ (Jan 18) in which you refer to the Indian media’s propaganda regarding the shooting of two Indian soldiers, one of whom they claim was mutilated and beheaded by Pakistan army troops.

First, I do not believe this could ever have happened and is a motivated and crudely-planned propaganda to dishonour the Pakistan army in the eyes of the world.

What is even more sinister is the fact that the Indian army wants to show that Pakistani troops comprise the Taliban element as well because this is a typical Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan procedure.

Recently a police check-post in Matani, Peshawar district, came under Taliban attack by a 400-strong force. When the police realised that they were in danger of being overrun they called for a back-up force.

SP Rural Shaukat Khan rushed with a strong contingent to Matan but he overshot the combat zone and came under direct attack that resulted in his death. The Taliban chopped off his head and took it with them.

The people of Peshawar were shocked; they realised that they were up against an enemy but they could never think of retaliating in kind.

They are Muslim soldiers and the Quran is extremely specific about the treatment of prisoners of war. However, there is a third force that has repeatedly tried to disrupt relations between India and Pakistan.

Whenever a major step was taken towards normalisation of relations, the Mujahideen vitiate the atmosphere by some major terrorist action in India as a consequence of which the two nations move back to square one.

Rehman Malik’s recent visa relaxation with India compelled the third force to act and they probably did it by crossing the line of control and beheading an Indian soldier (if what the Indians claim is true). Why doesn’t India realise that by giving the Kashmiris their right this lingering cancer will be removed forever!


Updated Feb 13, 2013 02:54am

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Comments (11) (Closed)

Naresh Sharma
Feb 13, 2013 11:56am
Imran .. keep on trying for freedom of India..lets see who wins?
Feb 13, 2013 10:28am
small correction. it is not a muslim land. it is invaded by muslims and most of them converted forcefully.
Feb 13, 2013 03:44pm
Dear Sir, What a simple suggestion. Your last line. And how complicated the solution. Sir, its good to know you are retired...
Feb 13, 2013 05:27am
?I do not believe this could ever have happened.? This is the usual physic of the Pakistanis, outright denial and conspiracies. ?Whenever a major step was taken towards normalization of relations, the Mujahedeen vitiate the atmosphere by some major terrorist.? First and foremost, Where are the Mujahedeen based? Is it not in Pakistan. Secondly, LOC is heavily guarded by both India and Pakistan on their. Infiltration occurs from the Pakistan borders. They are help and supported by your Army.
Feb 13, 2013 06:11am
Pakistanis are saints. I don't know why they get invariably called international migraine or cancer etc. Most maligned people indeed. Pakistani Army is true follower of Islam in letter and spirit.
Feb 13, 2013 06:19am
Your inferences are absolutely right except the last line- India can not give kashmir
Feb 13, 2013 06:57am
India will not give the Kashmiri their right to self determination as stated in UN Security Council resolutions. These UN resolutions can work against Muslim World but never for it. Israel is a good example here who, together with India, is occupying Muslim lands against their people's will!
Feb 13, 2013 09:21pm
why " third forces" are freely operating in Pakistan?
Feb 13, 2013 11:07pm
The allegations by India army are 100% true. Pakistan initially denied any involvement in 27/11 Mumbai attacks, only when a lone gun man, Azmal Kasab got caught alive and told he was from Faridkot, Pakistan. Still Pakistan was in denial. Slowly and steadily even the Kargil war the main architect Mr. Musharraf denied about Pakistan's army's involvement, Now many of his comrades are exposing the truth. Same with Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan was in total denial for whereabouts. The whole world now know Pakistan is a habitual liar, Pakistan's aspiration for Kashmir, is like do and die situation, one one side offer peace with India and behind continue to carry on terror activities, push militants inside Indian administered Kashmir. Pakistani Army, pray with their open hand to "Allah" and do not fear at all to lie and same with Pakistani politicians who tell the world leaders that Pakistan wants "Peace" with it neighbors, but foment terror.
Feb 14, 2013 01:31am
Prakash. Go and understand history first. Kashmir is a Muslim majority area which was supposed to be given to Pakistan. A referendum/Plebiscite is required as per U.N. after the shameless Sikh Maharaja weasled out at the last minute.
Feb 14, 2013 03:41am
The wing Commander may be correct. The terrorists and not the regular Pak. army may be behind the barbarous act. But the attack came from Pak. territory and as a sovereign nation Pakistan is responsible for the action of its citizens emanating from its territory.