THOSE having great expectations from Imran Khan were dismayed by a series of his actions in line with the establishment’s mindset.

His outburst against eminent lawyer and human rights activist Asma Jahangir, proposing the name of a police chief as a caretaker prime minister, shaking hands with Ziaul Haq’s B team, and last but not least his soft corner for terrorists at war with the country speak volumes for the dangerous course he has set for himself and his followers.

A particular media group is there to support him in following his anti-people agenda, as it worked overtime to malign Asma during her contest in the Supreme Court Bar elections. It is time he retraced his steps and struggled in line with the Quaid’s vision and not those of spymasters.


Updated Feb 12, 2013 12:06am

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Comments (11) (Closed)

Feb 12, 2013 08:08pm
Imran Khan is on the right track and his supporters respect his actions to the fullest.
Feb 12, 2013 07:34pm
This country is going down the drain. Only a honest, credible person like Imran Khan can change things around. Stop maligning him and pray that he gets elected. Otherwise, this country is finished.
Feb 12, 2013 05:04pm
His argument against Asma Jehangir is that she is too close to the PPP to be an impartial caretaker PM - which is correct. Furthermore, the need of the hour is to bring in a technocrat as caretaker PM, who can at least try to put some policies in place before round-2 of the Zardari/Sharif musical chairs. As such I don't really see how Asma Jehangir is qualified to be the caretaker PM.
Feb 12, 2013 08:07am
how is Zia's B team..... Are you talking about Nawaz Sahrif
Feb 12, 2013 07:40am
Well said, fully agreed!
Feb 12, 2013 06:44am
I think this is a good advice to Imran Khan because he considers himself as a liberal, progressive, secular, democratic, nationalist on one side and show appeasement of taliban & extremist parties on the other side
Feb 12, 2013 06:31am
Asalamo Alykum, Nope, he is right on dot with us. Wsalam.
Feb 12, 2013 01:38pm
Most of his supporters in his party don?t realize which side their bread is buttered..... It makes no difference for the other parties cos they both the sides??..
Feb 12, 2013 01:04pm
Well said. His supporters include the 'shallow thinking' so-called 'modern people who cannot tell their left from their right and the extremists. He represents the continuity of the rule of the establishment.
Khan Baba
Feb 13, 2013 03:15am
good analysis....I am no more a PTI supporter
Feb 13, 2013 04:15am
Imran Khan has the right to express his opinions. Your letter is simply reading from the charge sheet prepared against him by the uber corrupt current governement and their sympathisers in ivory towers and the media. By 'his anti-people agenda', do you mean his anti-ppp agenda ? vow, what a delusion!! Now let me ask - what would be Pro-people ? spend 5 year in singing platitudes about democracy while looting and gutting the nation with both hands. When someone asks a difficult question just start crying with self pity and endless tales of sacrifice. The partisan Asma Jahangir has done much to damage her own image. Enough said!! If PPP supporters had asked tough questions of their own leaders, people of Pakistan would not have had to pay such a heavy price for their indifference and ineptitude. People are waiting with abated breath to make new choices. Bring on the elections!!