22 August, 2014 / Shawwal 25, 1435

KARACHI, Feb 8: In a third bank heist of the year in the city, half a dozen armed robbers took away around Rs1.4 million and a weapon from the lone bank guard in the Mehmoodabad area on Friday, police said.

The bandits, however, did not collect the digital video recorder, the officials added.

The police investigators who examined the robbery footage said that four bandits entered the Allied Bank branch while their two accomplices stood guard at the entrance.

Initially, they asked for change, the police said. But soon after assessing the situation, they took out their weapons and held the staff hostage at gunpoint. They overpowered the bank guard, Aslam Shah, and relieved him of his repeater gun.

One of the bank employees, Bilal, who tried to run away and take some cover, was chased and hit with a pistol by one of the bandits.

The robbers collected money from the cash counter and then went into the strong room, the police said.

“The footage showed one of them stuffing notes in his jacket,” an official said.

After colleting a total of Rs1.4 million from the branch, the bandits fled away on motorbikes, he said. The suspects also took away the repeater rifle of the bank guard, the official added.

He said that four of the bandits were wearing shirts and trousers.

It is worth noting here that last year witnessed 22 bank heists in the city.

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