THIS is in response to Rehan Ali’s letter ‘Political apathy’ (Feb 4). He has rightly depicted the views about our political leaders who do not care about the people. During the Quetta carnage, when more than 100 people had lost their lives, our politicians were only making lame excuses.

Afterwards, the ruling party enforced the governor rule. I would like to ask the ruling party whether they can, by doing this, bring back the dead to life?

Is this the solution to a problem that has turned into lawlessness, terrorism and targeted killings over a long period? Here, I would like to elaborate that during their rule the Righteous Caliphs would try to solve the problem of the people at their doorsteps.

Whenever they found anyone in a state of distress or sorrow, they would weep over the condition of the people and immediately redress their grievances.

When our people suffer, our rulers look the other way. Not a mouse squeaks in favour of the people. Isn’t it cruel? The government must come to its senses. Our people are peace-loving, and the government must bring to book whosoever are the culprits.

Thus, those who are particularly targeting the Shia community must be brought to book. Shias are part and parcel of Pakistani society. Thus, all political parties and ulema of all schools of thought and sects need to discuss this issue at length so that some tangible solution to sectarian killings may be found.

This is must for promoting peace and progress in the country.

M. ASIF Lahore

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Mirza Imran Ahsan
February 8, 2013 9:26 pm
Unfortunately this secterian menace was unleasehed by Z.A.Bhutto once he approved the 1974 amendment declaring Ahmadis as non Muslims. The pandoras box once opened cold be closed and 'Kafiring' game didn't stop there. More people are made Kafir since then. Unfortunately Shias were part of the amendment not foreseeing the consequences, which are very obvious now. I must say they must promote to repeal such laws before demanding protections. All such divisive government frameworks should be removed dividing the nation into Kafirs and Muslims and Shias and Sunnis.
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