THIS refers to the letter ‘In Karachi and in Sindh’ by Abdul Samad Samo’s (Feb 1). For the writer’s information, the term has also crept into Sindh government offices.

While going to Mianwali from Lahore, nobody says that he is going to Punjab or while going to Bannu from Peshawar, nobody says that he is going to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa or while going from Quetta to Mastung, nobody says that he is going to Balochistan. Then why this term for Sindh while taking in Karachi?

I hope that the readers would agree with me.


Updated Feb 07, 2013 08:05pm

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Feb 08, 2013 10:04am
The real reason for the terminology used as its genesis in the infamous quota system ( rural/urban )still in practice which favours Sind ( rural ) against the urban ( Karachi )
Feb 08, 2013 03:42pm
i agree with you mr memon, i don't know why media portray it as sindh and karachi, sindh is one, and will remain one till the day of judgment. bukhari
Feb 08, 2013 06:19am
i'm totally agree with u
Feb 08, 2013 03:55pm
weight the word before writing dear. u have used hatred, there isn't any hatred between rest of the sindh and karachi, its a wrong perception of the people. yes there are some issues between communities and nations on the basis of language and culture, i am not denying on that. in sindh there are two huge and respectable nations are living sindhi and muhajars, they both live happily, its old saying when two pots are placed near to each other obviously they collide sometimes. politicians have made the divisions, people on the ground love each other. similarly in punjab there are two main language speakers punjabi and seeraiki, every body is familiar with the sentiments of the people of southeren punjab, they always oppose takht e lahore, so why don't people write, multan and punjab, or bahawalpur and punjab. why its only happening with sindh. thanks
Feb 08, 2013 09:31am
yes agreed. Many people know that there should not be any demarcation but still they would out of hatred differentiate between Karachi and rest of Sindh.
Feb 09, 2013 03:51am
Totally disagree with this comment, urban Sindh is not ONLY Karachi, it also includes Hyderabad and Sukhar. The terminology is based on hate and dates before urban/rural divide of 70's. It roots to making Karachi the first capital of Pakistan. The terminology initiated and encouraged by hatred mindset of then Federal civil bureaucracy .... this is all MY opinion.