Students perform a tableau at PNCA. — Dawn
Students perform a tableau at PNCA. — Dawn

LAHORE: A theatre group staged the play, Baghal Mein Chhuri or a wolf in sheep’s clothing, in a hall at the Open Air Theatre at Bagh-i-Jinnah in connection with the Kashmir Day on Tuesday.

The theatrical activity was organised by the Punjab Council of Arts to show solidarity with the people of the Indian-Held Kashmir.

The play by the Vital Theatre highlighted the atrocities and injustices the Kashmiri Muslims were facing in the Indian-Held Kashmir. The play was set in a Kashmir valley, which houses Muslim families except a single Hindu family. The role of the UN in a larger picture was also criticised in the play and the importance of education was emphasised.

Overall, an hour and 25 minutes long play was an effort by the budding theatre group to highlight the Kashmir issue and the kind of life Kashmiris were bound to live under the oppressive Indian policies.

Though the hall was small and the stage did not have enough space to stage such a play, both artistes and the audience responded well to the situation created by the heavy rain in Lahore.

Acting, lighting, music and backdrop of the play were good keeping in view the fact that theatre group’s most artistes were from colleges and universities.

Play’s director and writer Muhammad Maqsood, a senior actor from non-commercial theatre, told Dawn that it was Vital Theatre’s maiden performance in Lahore.

academia: The country’s academia will never let the Kashmir issue bury before it gets resolved, said Government College University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Khaleequr Rahman.

In his message on Kashmir Day on Tuesday, Prof Rahman said Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan and its importance would never change for them. He said politicians of Pakistan and India should make serious attempts to resolve this critical issue, which would be in the national interest of both countries.

He said peace in the region was directly linked to the Kashmir issue and all regional countries should press India to resolve the matter.

He said Kashmir had been the most discussed topic in tutorial groups at the university. He also stressed the relationship between India and Pakistan should improve to save the future of the upcoming generations in the region.

Updated Feb 06, 2013 05:53am

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Feb 06, 2013 05:14pm
At least, they are not subjected to the sectarian violence in India.
Feb 06, 2013 02:40pm
Dear Prof. Rehman. Better educate yourself in real sense. When did Kashmir ever accede to Pakistan? Why are you fooling yourself and wasting time of young people, brainwashing them and misleading them.