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SOUTH WAZIRISTAN AGENCY: At least two people have been killed and four others injured as the mortar shells fired from across the border hit villages in Spinwam and Angoor Adda of Birmal Tehsil of South Waziristan Agency.

The Inter Public Service Relations (ISPR) said that the people killed and injured in the mortar shelling belong to the Tochikhel tribe in Angoor Adda.

ISPR has also confirmed that mortar shells had consistently been fired from across the border in Spinwam and Angoor Adda areas.

Other sources said that as many as six people may have been in killed in the mortar attack.

“About 20 to 30 mortars hit villages in Pakistani territory which has killed at least six people and injured many others,” the sources said.

Intelligence, military and political sources have all confirmed that the mortar shells had been fired from across the Pak-Afghan border.

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