I BOUGHT a car last February and applied for registration through an agent. Luckily, I was issued a number and a computerised registration book within a few days of filing the registration. But I am still waiting for the number plates, which were to be issued by the government of Punjab.

Recently I came across a government notice regarding imposition of fine on vehicle owners in case their vehicles do not bear a computerised number plate. It is worrisome as I may also be fined due to non-availability of original plates.

Usually such delays are attributed to lack of funds. However, I wonder about the heavy registration fee which I have paid to the provincial government’s exchequer. It is disguised blackmailing on the part of the government which is earning from the registration fees, as well as from imposed fines.

I request the chief minister of Punjab to take measures for timely delivery of number plates so that those who want to conform must not suffer.


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Syed Ahmed
February 1, 2013 4:22 am
February 1, 2013 5:20 am
Paying big amount as registration fee and still no fund available, thats the problem with our gov working flow, money received from one head should be spent on that head if its surplus then its ok to use it for other heads, I was thinking same the other day that NHA receives millions of rs daily in form of TOLL, but no maintenance being done, if NHA spend the amount which they get us by telling us that its for maintenance and operation of the road patch that we have used then believe me i have calculated that we will have excellent roads, but that money is spend on other heads. Who knows registration funds were being used for laptop scheme :)
farid ahmed
February 2, 2013 4:28 am
You should see the fake number plates on vehicles plying in Karachi and in lower Balochistan. The AFR-2007 to 2012 are also seen on vehicles specially new cars in the possession of SHOs. In Hub Chowki there is no one to see uniformed police officers driving new AFR numbered cars. The black windows are abundantly in use and even cars of MPAs and their offspring are using these heavily tinted glasses. Who will check and when
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