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02 March, 2015 / 11 Jamadi-ul-Awwal, 1436

CNG cylinders & their fitness

SINCE four-wheelers and three-wheelers started switching from POL to either CNG or LPG, I have never come across a person whom a traffic constable or law enforcer ever intercepted to check if the cylinder has exhausted its prescribed life.

I have not found anyone bothering to check the cylinder of his vehicle. How much reckless are the drivers of public transport when they do not find CNG for their vehicle, they opt for a makeshift arrangement and use LPG and put its cylinders in the women compartment of a public transport without any hesitation.

The drivers of such public transport know there is no one to fine them on this hazardous business, let alone its harmful smell affecting the commuters as well.

The CNG stations offer a guideline to its users. Is that enough? Certainly not. Many of the CNG users do not even read what has been instructed on the banners where the instructions are written. They do not wish to obey unless they are fined or imposed a huge penalty as their recklessness is proverbial.

There are many school vans using CNG, and their drivers are unaware of their risky business. They do not want to change their cylinders even if it has completed its life. They know their cylinders can be harmful for his commuters. They even do not take care of when they purchase a used vehicle with a CNG cylinder.

Many of the drivers prefer to purchase a used cylinder to save their money no matter what people would face in case of an explosion.

I request all school administrations to make officially liable to present all information about the cylinder of CNG-driven school vans before signing a contract. School administrations can do it efficiently to preempt any untoward incidents and save the precious lives of their schoolchildren.

The parents have little chance to choose a school van. However, the government must launch a drive against such drivers and penalise them heavily.


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