The graveyard of wrestlers

For decades, the ‘Bholu brothers practise ring’ honed the talent of Pakistan's most famous wrestling family. Today, it is their graveyard, a fitting symbol of the decline of the sport in the country. The Bholu brothers are buried next to a centuries-old Banyan tree at the side of their former ring. Sweepers clean the mausoleum, but otherwise this compound which consists of a mud court, abandoned gym and small decayed garden gets eerily quiet.

These pictures were taken during a training session at a practise ring, in Lahore. —Photos and texts by AFP

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Jan 25, 2013 10:15am
Like our country this sport will die one day and no one will ever knew about these greats who now are witnessing the worst kind of treatment from the government and from the people around them. Very sad! I wish someone will come forward and help this dying sport.