READERS of Dawn in particular and people of Pakistan in general must thank Khalid Mahmood and Dr Irfan Almani for highlighting the issue of ‘Pre-poll screening’ (Jan 16).

Every person with rational and logical thinking must agree with the idea of pre-poll screening of the candidates for national and provincial assemblies.

According to the simple formula of production, garbage in means garbage out. The concept of quality assurance is based on putting in clean input, so the output is close to desired standards and thus the production process is less costly in terms of maintaining the standards.

Quality control then becomes less cumbersome and works as an additional check to achieve the desired objective.

If the nation wants to elect competent, educated, capable, honest, dedicated and patriotic representatives for the various assemblies, pre-poll screening of the electoral candidates by the Election Commission of Pakistan is a must.

Tax evaders, loan defaulters, fake degree holders, cheats, liars and the dishonest must not at all be allowed to participate in the election process in the first place.

The Pakistani nation must be given a chance to choose amongst the best of the contesting candidates. The pre-qualification of these candidates must conform to the qualification criteria as laid down in the constitution.

Democracy in Pakistan will only survive and thrive if we elect candidates who are constitutionally eligible, otherwise there will be a mockery of democracy.

This show of mockery has been witnessed by the people of Pakistan for the last more than six decades. We are inspired by Western democracies, those democracies strictly don’t allow tax evaders and other society criminals to come closer to their assemblies and senate chambers.

ILYAS KHAN      Karachi

Updated Jan 22, 2013 03:25am

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Jan 22, 2013 04:24pm
A great article by Mr. Khan. He gets straight to the point that our leaders need to be properly screened before being entered into the ballots. Very insightful indeed. Looking forward to more pieces from Mr. Ilyas Khan!