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ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Petroleum announced on Monday increase in prices of petrol, kerosene, jet fuels, HOBC, LDO and reduction in High Speed Diesel (HSD).

A notification issued by the ministry said the price of petrol had been hiked by Rs1.65 per litre to 103.15 per litre and that of HOBC by Rs2.50 per litre to Rs129.96.

It further said that the price of kerosene had been raised by Rs0.92 to Rs99.90 per litre and that of Light Diesel Oil (LDO) by Rs0.35 per litre to Rs94.33 per litre.

The use of LDO and kerosene has been declining over the years. The former is mainly consumed by certain kind of motors to operate tube-wells and small mills in rural areas. But of late a switchover to latest motors which run on HSD has reduced the consumption of light diesel oil.

The growing use of LPG has led to a decline in reliance on kerosene as domestic fuel.

The prices of jet fuels also witnessed an increase — JP-1 was up by Rs1.20 per litre to Rs89.33 per litre; JP-4 by Rs1.54 per litre to Rs82.48 per litre and JP-8 by Rs1.08 per litre to Rs88.80 per litre.

The ministry, however, announced a reduction in the price of High Speed Diesel (HSD) by Rs0.92 per litre to Rs109.21 per litre. The new prices will stay unchanged for a month.

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Cyrus Howell
Jan 22, 2013 04:35am
Prices are going up because the buying power of the rupee is going down. Inflation is not being caused by the international price of crude, it is being caused by the Pakistan government running the money printing press. "America won't give us money? The IMF won't lend us money? Then we'll print our own."
M. Zaeem ul Haq
Jan 22, 2013 07:17am
Either make CNG available and gas available at residences or reduce the prices of liquid fuel so people should avoid using CNG & natural gas and use liquid fuel only.
Zaighum Abbas Ranjha
Jan 22, 2013 06:32pm
Goodness me, how people are going to cope with this hike? If they were not struggling enough, this will make matters worse for public because all the product prices are directly or indirectly connected to the fuel costs.