ALTHOUGH I am not a regular viewer of TV dramas, I happened to view some on the local channels at 8pm onwards.

I am terribly disappointed to see that most of the dramas are based on family disputes, husband-wife stress relations, business rivalries, torture of mother-in-law and showing unfortunate women in doom.

I was extremely surprised when I saw in one of the dramas that the daughter-in-law is thrown out of the house at midnight and the poor girl was helpless. Is this the message we want to give to our aspiring would-be mothers-in-law.

Keeping in view the present phase through which we all are going like power shortage, gas shortage, CNG crisis, water scarcity and street crimes, we are already ‘overstressed and depressed’.

We need to see programmes on TV which can make us cheerful and at least allow us to have a good night sleep.

I am absolutely positive that we have many good script writers who can write well and show ‘good things happening in life’.

In the early years, we used to watch with great interest dramas such as Alif Noon of Kamal Ahmad Rizvi and Nanna and also excellent comedy-cum-social plays of Haseena Moin.

In fact, the Pakistani dramas a few years ago were very popular abroad and in demand.


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karachi wala
January 18, 2013 10:19 pm
we all know what our society is no need for your explanation sir; we are not blinds the point he is trying to make is this nation needs a laugh and if the enteratinment meduium is making you depress then what is left whos gonna make us laugh? those were the good days when we had all the serials and society was same back then you think women were free back then? you think mother in laws were not treating their bahous like slaves? tv job is to portray reality as well as make us laugh and give some entertainment otherwise if i wanna c a wife get beaten i can just go to any punjab village
January 19, 2013 7:27 am
Very well said. It is the reality and we don?t want to accept it. We want to live in a fantasy land. The proof is the rating of your comment. One up? eight down.
Khan Baba
January 18, 2013 3:30 am
Akber Sahab: Do you live in Pakistan or where.... ? These dramas depicts what is happening in our society currently and these are the facts. You want to live in the fiction world. Both good and bad are shown in the drama and everyone reaps the reward accordingly which is also shown in these and hence a lesson. Gone are the days for Alif Noon and tanhaaiyaan sort of dramas as the society is changed a lot.... Please watch cartoons if you want to live in the artificial world..Oh what a time waste replying this
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