Indian visa experience

MY father is a very healthy old man and is desirous of visiting India where he lived before partition. He wants to take advantage of the visa clause allowing people above the age of 65 to go directly to the Wagah border and get an Indian visa at the crossing point. The family is wary and he himself is afraid that they may turn him back from Atari. We cannot take that kind of a chance.

We request the authorities to please confirm through these columns if this clause is functional at this time. It will be helpful if someone who has availed himself of this visa facility recently would kindly publish his experience for our benefit. My father cannot wait for this kind of assurance so that he can immediately start his journey to India.

SARWAR SHAH Abbottabad

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Jan 14, 2013 05:59pm
Stay where you are. Please do not visit India.
Husain Jan
Jan 15, 2013 05:52am
Shah saheb or his father should not wait or hope for any reply or clarification from the concerned authorities because they - the concerned authorities - are not likely at all to oblige with a reply. Yes, it can somehow be hoped that some one who has obtained this facility may reply and guide not only for Shah saheb or his father but also for the guidance and information of the general public.
Jan 15, 2013 05:18am May be this could help...
Jan 15, 2013 04:33am
a. There is Visa being alloted on Arrival for Pakistani citizens >= 65 years of age. b. There will not be police station reporting required for these citizens. c. The citizens can travel anywhere across the country barring , Kashmir, Punjab and Kerala My source is the morning news channels.
Jan 14, 2013 05:29pm
Why should he not get visa? We Indians love all our Pakistani brethren. Especially all the khatuns.
Jan 15, 2013 03:39am
Why visit a backward country like India when he made the right choice to move to Pakistan during partition. Is he not happy living in the progressive country like Pakistan. Please tell him that a visit to India will leave him depressed.
Jan 14, 2013 12:23pm
I dont think this is the right time to visit India. They can put him in jail like Dr. Chishti.
Ahmed Sultan (India)
Jan 14, 2013 03:55pm
Don't come. We don't want you here.
Jan 14, 2013 07:35am
Please check Indian High commission web site from Pakistan.All Information is there
John India
Jan 15, 2013 07:03pm
Please use this chance to build a good relationship between ourselves, Countries like USA, China,Russia does not want peace between us, so that they can sell more weapons to us and make money,Also the military personnels of both country make money. We, the people of both countries should find means oppose these forces. I hope one day we will all be able to say we love each other.