And now film importers

Amidst the hullabaloo about ‘foreign content’ being presented on Pakistani TV channels, here is something that may come as another twist in this story’s tale. A couple of influential Pakistani film importers (we will not name them for obvious reasons) especially those who import Indian films, are thinking, and in fact one has already gone to India for the purpose, of importing TV plays. Not just India, there is likelihood that importers will also visit some other countries. Hmm… so where does this put the TV artist community in the whole scenario? Difficult to tell at this point in time!

In somewhat related news, yesteryear superstar of Lollywood Ajaz Durrani has stressed the need for smaller, chic cinemas because in his view the era of big, spacious cinema houses is no more. Way to go Ajaz sahib, you seem to talk more sense than many of our younger film and TV actors who don’t understand that time and tide wait for none.

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