THIS is with reference to modern education with Islamic bias, a golden excerpt from the above subject (Jan 2). Education in Pakistan has never been put into oblivion whatever was the period. President Mohammad Ayub Khan underlined the importance of imparting education on the lines of modern scientific and technological advancement but with an Islamic bias. This he said during his address to the JamiaTaleem - i - Mlli students and staff at the 10th foundation day on Jan 1, 1963, at Malir.

It would be worth mentioning here that the very college rose to a distinguished teaching institution under the superb supervision of the late Dr Mahmood Hussain, a great educationist of the country and former vice - chancellor of Karachi University.

There are present even today a number of educational institutions from primary schools to tertiary levels that have earned their reputation and commendation as their heads and mentors are imparting education with true spirit as they are the motivated educationists who have joined theteaching profession by choice and not by any thrust upon them at all.

The good teachers are always welcome and eulogised wherever they are . W. Churchill praised immensely his English teacher at Harrow. The deterioration in education standard takes place because of inept educators.

At the outset we have to achieve the universal primary education target. Secondly, our syllabi should continually undergo the process of deletion and addition of topics as advancement in global knowledge is rapid and rich.

High - tech is like oxygen. It is all around us, so why shouldn’t we try to get our children pursued high - tech early? Likewise textbook boards and curriculum committees need a great revamp both in their working and thinking. Curriculum committees and textbook boards will have to perform in harmony and unison to meet the growing demands of the changing education world. Reforming the academic standard must now go beyond academic discussion. We should act and act in the living present.

The most potent of these solutions is commitment of parents towards their children. The parents and society have to work hand in hand for securing the future of their wards. Philanthropists should open quality educational institutions in the private sector for the welfare of poor children.


Updated Jan 06, 2013 03:41am

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