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28 February, 2015 / 9 Jamadi-ul-Awwal, 1436

CNG problem: faulty KESC views

THIS is apropos of the letter (Dec 16) by Aminur Rahman, General Manager, Media, KESC, about the KESC’s debt for unpaid gas bill due to the SSGC. What a simple solution to a very serious situation that would bankrupt and sink the SSGC, one of the finest utility companies of Pakistan.

Mr Aminur Rahman says that the government has to directly pay to the SSGC Rs20bn that the KWSB owes to the KESC. This is a wrong assumption that is a figment of KESC’s imagination. The situation is very complex and this is the KESC’s obligation to have the SSGC get paid. The most disturbing undertone of Mr Rahman’s letter is no comments about the balance Rs24 billion that the KESC owes to the SSGC. By agonising the CNG sector the SSGC is diverting additional gas from a paying consumer to a nonpaying and the noncompliant badly defaulted KESC which refuses to pay. What kind of business sense is that? Will the SECP please take notice of this situation of a company traded in the stock exchange? Will the CJP please take suo motu notice to save another public sector corporation turn into a PIA, Pakistan Steel or Railways? This cannot happen till it has the approval of the adviser on petroleum and natural resources.

AARIF R. Tando Ghulam Ali

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