'Fake' photo of Delhi rape victim goes viral: police

Indian students and activists shout slogans as they carry torches at India Gate during a protest following the gang-rape of a student in New Delhi, Dec 19, 2012. — Photo by AFP

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India: The father of a student in south India has complained to police after Internet users circulated a photo of his daughter on social media claiming it was the Delhi gang-rape victim, officers said Friday.

A picture tribute to the dead Delhi woman, who was repeatedly raped on a moving bus on Dec16 and thrown out of the vehicle in a crime that appalled the nation, has gone viral on Facebook.

Her name and identity have been withheld by police and the media in line with a law that entitles victims of sex crime and their families to anonymity to protect them from social stigma.

Vinayakumar, an assistant commissioner in the cyber crime unit of Kerala police in south India, said that the photo used in the Facebook tribute was a fake and had caused distress.

“We have received a complaint from the father stating that the photograph uploaded on Facebook as the Delhi rape victim picture was fake,” the officer, who goes by one name, told AFP.

“The picture used was his daughter's photograph uploaded with her Facebook profile. We have directed Facebook officials to delete the photograph and help us to track the culprits,” he added.

The brutal gang-rape of the 23-year-old medical student in New Delhi on Dec16, 2012 has led to a bout of national soul-searching over the treatment of women in Indian society and provoked daily protests.

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Waseem Ahmad
Jan 04, 2013 02:07pm
Your comments show how callous one could me.
Dr Khan
Jan 04, 2013 02:03pm
Think before you write.
Jan 04, 2013 06:49am
How could India be left behind. Indians found their Malala in this lady for demonstrations for all evils that are faced by womenfolk in the sub-continent.
Jan 04, 2013 12:36pm
This isnt a competition between who has treated women and/or humanity worse than the other for crying out loud. What kind of a notion are you trying to depict here?! Both situations are totally different but equally abhorrent and worthy of condemnation in the strongest of words ...
Jan 04, 2013 11:41am
What a senseless comment
Jan 04, 2013 12:45pm
The difference in two situations....culprits who attacked the delhi girl have been arrested after the public outrage...!
Afnan Ahmed
Jan 04, 2013 01:30pm
Just because you can write a few sentences in English does not render you an expert in social or political matters. It is painful to read such a comment by someone who seems educated!
Jan 05, 2013 05:42am
who is malala????????????????
Jan 05, 2013 06:34am
Talk about one-track minds! There is no hope for you guys...
Jan 05, 2013 06:06pm
the rapeists should b hang 2 death
Jan 05, 2013 06:10pm
dnt knw