Expressway project and nuisance

Published Jan 04, 2013 02:05am

This is with reference to the news report ‘Expressway II Project gets attention of city bosses’ (Dec 11, 2012). It says the project to expand the stretch between Koral Chowk and G.T. Road has ‘luckily received the attention’ of the CDA.

The fact that it leads to the hometown of our prime minister is a separate issue. What is really worth mentioning here is that this project can be called anything but ‘lucky’.

I myself have to commute daily using this road and I am literally dreading the prospect of expansion of this part of the road. The reason is the nightmarish experience we have had a few years ago due to the repair and maintenance work on the same section of the highway.

Apart from an outrageously slow pace of work at that time, the inconvenience faced and the number of accidents witnessed every day was the most distressing experience.

Both sides of the traffic had to travel on the same side and that two on a two-lane road. Other than the head-on collisions, confusion as to the temporary diversions led to massive traffic jams, especially during rush hours. Thus, we dread the prospect of another similar experience. If the authorities concerned intend to carry out this project in the manner it should be so as to cause the least amount of inconvenience to the public, only then will it be a boon and not a bane for the public.

Considering the fact that it leads to the prime minister’s hometown, we can afford to be optimistic as to the period of time it will take to complete the project. However, the looming elections put an end to this short bout of optimism also.

Izz Ghanaa Ansari Islamabad

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