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The dangers of one-wheeling

ISLAMABAD, Dec 31: The residents of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi urged traffic police authorities to curb one-wheeling on New Year’s Eve.

“One-wheeling is basically riding a motorbike, using a single wheel, which is dangerous,” explained a resident.

Bike riders who resort to one-wheeling, often carry out dangerous stunts like lying flat, standing on motorbikes and driving with backs facing the handle.

Youngsters, especially on Independence Day, Eid and New Year’s Eve do one-wheeling on their bikes on different roads of the twin cities, complained residents.

The residents of twin cities also appealed to parents to strictly advise their children to avoid this dangerous stunt.

On the other hand, the dangerous trend of one-wheeling continued unchecked on various roads, as motorcyclists, mostly teenagers, were seen riding their motorcycles at full speed on a single-wheel.

The young motorcyclists were without helmets and were seen on Murree Road, Saidpur Road, Sixth road, Mall Road, IJP Road and other roads around the city.

The traffic authorities when contacted agreed that one wheeling was a serious challenge for the traffic police.

“We are working to adopt counter measures but it has to be realised that escaping on motorbikes is much easier as compared to cars or other vehicles,” stated a traffic warden.

Hundreds of challans (tickets) are issued every month for dangerous and negligent driving. Cases are also registered against one-wheelers, the traffic warden informed. —APP

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