Nationalists’ opposition to SLGA

Published Dec 28, 2012 03:02am

ON Dec 14 a historic event took place near Hyderabad where a large number of people joined Pir Saheb Pagara, together with other Sindhi nationalists, against the Sindh People’s Local Government Act.

“Remember this division of Sindh is on an administrative basis, not on a political basis.”

It was in 1905 when Bengal was partitioned on the basis of administrative objectives. Bengal was separated because it was difficult to manage such a vast and large populated province.

The British government partitioned it. It was greatly opposed by Hindus due to their damage of economic and power influences.

Hindu-Muslim atrocities took place and caused turmoil among the masses. Later, the partition was annulled in 1911. We are facing a similar situation here. The government cannot neglect and omit the interest and decision of the people. Countries are run by the people, not by governments only. But politicians don’t realise it.

The people of Sindh have welcomed the nationalists’ call, especially the call of Pir Pagara. This was a peaceful reaction from the people against the SPLGA. We want peace and prosperity in Sindh but if the government continued with such an attitude, it may lead to violence in Sindh.


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