Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, the son of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and President Zardari, made his first major public speech on Thursday, December 27, to vast crowds gathered in Garhi Khuda Baksh to mark the fifth anniversary of his mother’s assassination.

“Bhutto is an emotion, a love,” he said. “Every challenge is soaked in blood, but you will be the loser. How ever many Bhuttos you kill, more Bhuttos will emerge from every house.”

“There are two kinds of powers in this country: that which prefers the path of dictatorship, and then there is the power of the people…On one side we stand up as a wall against the terrorists, and then there are those who are even afraid to take their names,” said Bilawal in his speech.

Acting as a figurehead for the political campaign till he turns 25, do you think the new Bhutto could prove an important turning point for democracy and politics in Pakistan?

Besides setting out to avenge the assassination of his mother, will he be able to stay committed to the larger war against terrorism in the country?

Lastly, do you think Bilawal is politically mature enough to understand the complex dynamics of the state of affairs in Pakistan?

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January 2, 2013 12:02 am
You have met only the JIALAS. The real population does not like to even hear it.
December 30, 2012 9:19 am
According to Allama Iqbal: Jalal-E-Padshahi Ho K Jamhoori Tamasha Ho Juda Ho Deen Siasat Se To Reh Jati Hai Changaizi Statecraft divorced from Faith to reign of terror leads, Though it be a monarch’s rule or Commoners’ Show. Is Bilawal Bhotto Zardari aware of his Deen? Deen-e-Islam I don't want to be judgmental because I don't know about the environment he is brought up? I also know about those appearing in the guise of champion of Deendari even issuing certificates to some political parties, whose deen they endorse to be ok and for others, some instructions and warnings to mend. The self acclaimed deeni quality controller, claimant of several terrorist attacks. I am not referring to those deen dars. I am referring to true Deen preached by the Holy Prophet PBUH, who taught justice and equality. Kindness not cruelty. Can we expect equality between Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and any ordinary son of a farmer of Larkana, the essence of our Deen. Can we expect that tolerance from any so called politicians, any Religious party. Do these leaders of the so-called religious parties ever send their near and dear ones for jihad, suicidal attacks? never heard of.
January 1, 2013 11:42 pm
You must be living in a cave and seldom come to city.
Malik Ahmad
December 29, 2012 4:54 pm
How much this family would rob Pakistan? This is an unending saga. As regards to Shaheeds (how many more Bhuttos, you will kill), none of the Bhuttos was a shaheed in any Islamic sense of the word. The real Bhutto was sentenced to death by a judicial bench both by high court and then the supreme court and finally authorized by the President under his lawful authority. PPP just tried to vindicate this by reaching out to court, but was unsuccessful. So, there was no shihadat of any kind, The second shaheed i.e. BB was murdered and the PPP in power could have found her killer, which they miserably failed either to their vested interests or incompetency, so please stop this continuous song of "shihadat". This khandan has given nothing but miseries to my country with the result that millions of educated, highly professionals have left the country for greener pastures, and this the incompetent hierarchical system is continuing unabated with unlimited credits of shaheeds to them. Basically, he just got an average Oxford degree which gave him a superficial credit for education, and their so called foreign education credential had exploited the poor masses first by their father, and then daughter along with their Oxford education "cousin". So, please stop this game and let the real educated people come to power.
Nader Martens
December 29, 2012 7:52 pm
What a joke! This guy clueless about Pakistan during his speech. Basically he memorized everything he was supposed to say with no feelings at all. Pakistan is not a monarchy but the way he was presented, it seemed like as if a king was presented a prince to a nation. PPP is nothing but bad news for Pakistan. Wake up people!!!!
Abdul j Sheikh
December 29, 2012 4:44 am
Just, Don't vote him.
Aqil Siddiqi
January 1, 2013 8:19 pm
Are you out of your mind. Bilawal will be a great politician..yeh, just like all the others in Bhutto's clan. What they have done for Pakistan, beside divided Pakistan into two, and looted as much wealth as possible. Wake Up.
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:22 am
Not true. How do you know he is a spoiled kid.
December 28, 2012 8:27 am
A zardari can never be a Bhutto, a zardari will remain a zardari by whatever name you may call it.
December 28, 2012 12:43 pm
He has potential to be a good leader..
Tahir Iqbal
December 29, 2012 4:51 pm
Bilawal has vision of his father Asif Zardari. Exactly!!!
P Setra
December 29, 2012 5:00 pm
Benazir did not change her name.
December 29, 2012 5:01 pm
It is uneducated people who elects these people. Leaders (religious or political ) take advantage of them.
December 29, 2012 5:03 pm
Pakistan is like an old family sofa being passed down from father to daughter to son. Zardari 2.0!
Shahid Masud 12
December 29, 2012 1:14 pm
It's not only PPP, rest of the political parties also believe that Pakistanies eat grass and I don't blame them.
Rogers Evans
December 29, 2012 2:13 pm
Ya ! His grandfather, ZA Bhutto, had a vision also. The vision, which broke Pakistan into two pieces and destroyed the nation, for which every Pakistani is still paying socially, culturely and economicaly and will be paying for future to come.
December 29, 2012 5:12 pm
Hmmm...Bhutto/Zardari family vs the Sharif family. Panipat revisited? Who will have the elephants and who will have cannons?
December 29, 2012 4:39 pm
Apparently Mr. BEA you have not been to Iran, I spent the most wonderful 30 days in Iran. I found the country modern and people most enlightened. In any case you are moving away from the focus of the subject article, I think you are carrying some biases against very modern people and country.
December 29, 2012 12:50 pm
yes he has a vision which most others lack
December 30, 2012 7:59 am
NOT a real BHUTTO. The attachment of the BHUTTO name to his name itself should be a sign to the masses that a dirty, foolish and shameful propaganda is being thrown their way.
December 29, 2012 7:29 pm
If the Pakistanis allow a new generation of Bhuttos to come and plunder the country then they deserve it and nothing to cry about. Such family politics should be rejected utterly and completely.
Saad Shaikh
December 30, 2012 9:32 am
Inshallah Bilawal Zardari would go on and become a great leader like his mother and grandfather before him. Should the cruel Pakistani middle class bother to get off from their sofas and understand the Bhutto legacy and the love masses have for them they might have a chance of defeating PPP. Bhutto lives on!
December 30, 2012 9:29 am
Oh no! why you tell that now they will put tax on it based on International market and make it more expensive then here in Oman. BY the way here prices for food and fruits are cheaper then in Pakistan and guess what its exported from India and Pakistan
December 30, 2012 9:23 am
Mr. Tariq please wake up Pakistani inside U!
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:42 am
So you are OK with Hamza Sehbaz and Moonis Elahi and others.
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:17 am
Not true. In Islam a woman does not change her name.
December 30, 2012 11:54 am
Pakistan geared-up to suffer from another Bhutto..... what a disaster, what an embarrassment, what a disgrace, what a disease great grand pa, great mummy, great mamaG, greatest papa G-H-I-J-K....what more humiliation this nation can get. Pakistani deserves someone non-greater like Bhutto. (& Nawaz Jokers)
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:48 am
Not true. Peter the Great did not spend time with the masses. But returned from abroad and was crowned King of Russia and rose to become one of the greatest rulers of Russia.
MD Riaz
December 30, 2012 3:55 am
Mr. Bilawal, who killed your mother?, ask you father and his friends who ran away after the shooting. Your father invested millions of dollars on UN report. Please read that report. Mr Kaira may have clue because his last week statement wa that person who murdered your mother is dead.
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:44 am
We need Bilawal. We need some to stand up to the Military Dictators.
December 29, 2012 7:23 pm
He is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. If Bhutto be assumed plus and Zardari being minus signs, then one plus and one minus is equal to minus.
December 30, 2012 3:16 am
Well, technically, he is not a real Bhutto. Buyer beware!
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:33 am
Every Pakistani is plundering the country. Nothing wrong with family politics. Its not against the rules. At least the Bhutto name is still a rallying cry against Dictators.
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:24 am
Not true. There is some thing in the Bhutto name that raises the hopes and aspirations of millions. Think about it.
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:29 am
The young prince is the son of Shaheed Rani Benazir Bhutto. Wake up people !!!
December 30, 2012 2:06 am
December 29, 2012 5:43 pm
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:46 am
Bilawal Bhutto is also the son of Benazir Bhutto. The grandson of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
whats in a name
December 30, 2012 8:57 pm
stop watching PTV :P
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:51 am
Build your own.
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:53 am
Not true. Pir Pagara lost to PPP.
H l
December 31, 2012 4:01 am
Abdul sahib. Well said. What leaders do we have beside IK which we hasn't tested and who did not fail to disappoint us? btw I agree with your reason for education that does not mean mere enrolled in a school and having a degree.
December 30, 2012 6:16 am
So the prince is ready to rule the kingdom in his father's stead? My advice to Mr. Zardari Jr is to keep America happy so they'll keep sending money to Pakistan. After all we wouldn't want those swiss bank accounts to stay nice and full.
Aqil Siddiqi
December 29, 2012 11:48 pm
Well said Roger. Not just his grand father, but also his mom and dad also, to make sure, that Pakistan will be no more.
Cyrus Howell
December 29, 2012 11:46 pm
Pakistan needs to elect a prime minister with a civil engineering or city planning degree.
ahmad butt
December 30, 2012 1:56 pm
Only a few handful people who would never vote for Bhutto are reading this page and maybe a few of bhutto followers are, the rest of the population cant even read english, does not have youtube to see vidoes of Bilawal partying videos on the internet... and also i remember Oxford students complaining two years ago that he never attended a Pakistani or Islamic event yet will lead the country eventually. Nothing can be done.
January 1, 2013 7:15 pm
I heard by chance while changing channels on TV, Benazir (late) was saying that relastionship between her and Osama was as cat and mouse.When she was in Pakistan, he would escape to Yemen or Sudan and if she would have been the prime minister of Pakistan, nine eleven would not have happened.The statement was not a based on facts. It was merely to gain sympathy from international leaders to bring her back to power in Pakistan. Similar tactic is being adopted by her son, Bilawal i.e. instead of giving a vision for the future of Pakistan and showing sympathy to the down trodden people of Pakistan, he has started his campaign at Gari Khuda Baksh, with the same old "mazloom" card to gain sympathy, i.e. justice has not been done to his grandfather and mother therefore people should vote for PPP and maligning the chief justice by stating the chief justice's incompetence in this regard. Everyone knows that on her (Benazir) return to Karachi, the present Interior minister said on media that as they did not believe Mr. Musharaf and his Govt about the security of Benazir.They changed the plan, the car will have a roof opening and change of tires to ordinary tires.The car Mr.Baber Awan and Mr.Malik was a cover car to meet emergencies. As they heard the blast they drove in opposite direction, which was unusual because you run to help and not run awawy from it.The delay in the timely Medical help. The killing of a key witness Mr. Shahansha. All of these point the finger in one direction to the persons involved in this tragedy. i.e. People in the government of that time alongwith the people at the helm of the PPP. Both gained from this and are not interested in finding out the truth as they themselves would be exposed. Why the enquiry report of UNO absolved Zardari and family and gave a clean chit to Zardari and family when they were not required to do it. It is typical of Mr.Zardari to prove his innocence. Instead condeming the chief justice, Bilawal should look for the criminal around. If Mr. Bilawal wants to find the murderer, he should arrange filing a petition in supreme court for juducial enqiry instead of crying in such meetings. Manzoor
ahmad butt
December 30, 2012 1:59 pm
The british did this to us, too bad the people are uneducated and divided to realise and the governments and armies cash in on patriotism..oh and also the cricketing series is a money making exercise, the real peace will come after kashmir is sorted but who wants that
December 29, 2012 11:30 pm
My countrymen stop blaming the Pakistani Awam for electing wrong candidates. They do not stand a chance and they are left with all the bad choices. Only the thugs have access to a party ticket.No matter who they cast a vote to is going to be equally incompetent.
iqbal Khan
December 31, 2012 2:36 pm
Like his father he will come to Pakistan with an objective to make minimum 4 billion dollar so we have a choice either give him this money now and ask him to stay in London for ever or allow him to become the prime minister.
December 31, 2012 12:29 am
An average person from Lahore or Sialkot.... has not travelled through the public transport of Karachi, do they count as insiders?
December 29, 2012 10:01 pm
The way politics work in Pakistan, he would succeed. However, I am sure that if the democratic process continue in Pakistan say for 10 to 15 years without any military intervention, then real politics and leaders will emerge from Pakistan, and only those leaders or parties will survive who delivers to Pakistan.
December 29, 2012 9:23 pm
if we allow the third generation of bhutto's to take us to cleaners yet again then may i say that we deserve it.
Abdul Razaque Chhachhar
December 30, 2012 11:04 am
Bilawal Bhuutto Zardari is new face in politics there is no doubt that his mother was great leader of Pakistan but his speech was showing that he is using same words which his father, Mr Asif Ali Zardari, was used in his many gatherings. Bilawal Bhuttoo did not higghlighted the basic problems of the country such as energy crisis, unemployment, terrorism and poverty. In his speech there was no roadmap and solutions of problems of country. Mr Bhuttoo did not mention about his mother,s killers names still workers are asking you that who are the killers and why they are still free in your own government. Mr Bilawal will face manay challanges in upcoming election how and on which manifesto he will satisfy voters and will get vote. In the perspective of the Sindh most people are very angry due to passed local ordinaces against the wills of people of sindh
PPP (Pakistan People's Plunderers)
December 30, 2012 10:51 am
I absolutely 100% agree. I hope the majority see the light
PPP (Pakistan People's Plunderers)
December 30, 2012 10:54 am
Well if you see his pictures at Oxford where he is getting drunk with girls you will know
December 31, 2012 2:50 pm
Thats the plan of our ruling class. Dont let the masses have education so as they remain oblivious of their own rights and their rulers' plinder. No wonder three generation of Bhuttos are Oxford graduate and Larkana has worst standing in eduaction in Pakistan.
December 30, 2012 5:16 pm
If you two are so generous enough to grant the country to these two, please see me in the line.
PPP (Pakistan's Peoples Plunderers
December 30, 2012 10:48 am
There is everything wrong with family politics. If you know the history of islam at all it is completely unislamic.
December 31, 2012 2:52 pm
The way his father has taken revenge from Pakistan, he can demolish this country as well. I thought it is only illiterate people of Pakistan who supported this group of plunderers, but there are educated as well in this company, God help Pakistan and 56 % hungry and poor people of Pakistan.
December 30, 2012 7:44 am
How did he become bhutto, I guess zardari would change even his mother name for money.
M.A Khan
December 29, 2012 4:17 pm
Is there any doubt that Pakistani people eat grass?
December 29, 2012 1:18 pm
You are right he definately has a vision for the betterment of Zardaries
Faisal Taquie
December 30, 2012 8:38 am
Tariq Dude, where have you been or have you just woke up from your deep sleep! The word Bhutto means signs of trouble!
December 29, 2012 2:40 pm
Does not matter whether Bilawal is Bhutto or Zardari; both names are notorious for the same reasons. Fatima Bhutto is different. I have read her articles; she has the right thinking. But I wonder, if she will jump into Pakistani politics at this time.
December 29, 2012 4:03 pm
So far he has just made one speech, written by somebody else; bar for emotional tantrums, there is nothing of substance, yet some commentators have noticed vision. With such an electorate, no wander the country is going to the dogs. Pakistan politics and power is dominated by the feudal parasite class; a new member has joined their ranks. Pakistani society is blind to reality; instead it lives in the world of myth and conspiracy theory.
December 30, 2012 7:47 am
Waheed so you believe God should send angels from heaven above to change our worse condtions we are in right now. So it is time to wake up and take the responsibility for our own short comings................period
Ajaya K Dutt
December 31, 2012 2:00 am
He is not coming down to rule you. It is upto people to "elect" him.
December 29, 2012 10:28 am
And what would you say if Fatima Bhutto surname changes after getting married?? Then she would be no more from Bhutto's family...........
December 30, 2012 8:21 am
May God help us. Imagine Obama and Bilawal having a discussion on Taliban and other political issues in the region. We must be doing something seriously wrong for God to send us down such kind of people to rule us.
December 29, 2012 2:49 pm
I have read all the comments on Bilawal as chairman of PPP. All comments are negative. I agree with all the comments, which are evidently by educated people. I wonder how the uneducated masses in Pakistan feel about this. In democracy, it is the number, not quality, that matters.
December 29, 2012 3:50 pm
He is not even Bhutto. Can we and when we get rid of this family which has caused so much damage to this nation?. Why nation does not understand and stand up to save this country from this corrupt family. If You really want to know who this family is then see the last interview of his mother with David Frost. She did not come to serve the nation but be a premier so she and her corrupt family can have a princely life in Pakistan. See and hear it yourself to believe it. I do not believe this nation have any sense of their voting power because we are a nation of 80% rural and uneducated numbers who can be bought and sold by a Chaudhry or lumberdar of a town and the corrupt politicians of our beloved and 80% below average education country consider them a prime prey for them. Decisions are made in the closed rooms and action is carried out in homes of those un-educated and corrupt lumberdars who will not hesitate to sell their souls in a heart beat. Many jialas of this party will be furious on these comments but facts speak for themselves. We all the truth. The new Zardari ( he is not Bhutto stop deceiving the nation although they were not less evil) should not dare such dreams as the nation i believe started understanding their game plan. When a family tradition of wiping out even own family member is considered a wholly ritual, this man will no be different. Jialas of PPP can differ with me but they should keep love for Pakistan in their heart as there will be no PPP without a Pakistan
December 30, 2012 7:50 am
What can I say to people of Pakistan! They have been emotionally and mentally hijacked by daddy Zardari through his son. The boy seem to be worried about his life and daddy is dictating words to him or at time daddy is getting uncle Uncle Raiz's son to make the boy 'street wise'. The only thing daddy Zardari has not understood is that streets of Pakistan are very much different than London or Paris.
azhar hussain
December 29, 2012 2:57 pm
Tell this guy to stay outside and leave Pakistan alone
December 29, 2012 2:27 pm
Hanji. Pakistani zaroor ghass khanay walay he hain. Isee liyay un ki akl say pata chalta hai. Nahin to kaisay 5 saal, khoon kharaba, mehangai, jurm, loot khasoot, rishwat corruption, bijly pani gas daal roti bachhay school naukriyan izzat waghra ki haalat bardasht kar saktay thhay. Had it been another country, there would either have been a revolution like Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Spain even Mali OR the sleeping opposition and others could have forced new elections at least. Ab hum ghorday (horses) kahan say laein bhai. Chun lo phir say inhee ko aur KHAO GHASS phir 5 saal kay liyay. Yeh bhi ho sakta ha kay ghaas bhi na mil sakay.
wali khan
December 30, 2012 4:58 pm
Bilwal baba is great, he will demolish the great dictators...
December 29, 2012 2:27 pm
Actually, Pakistani people have proven so far that they are nothing more than grass eaters. Otherwise, Pakistan won't be on this course of self destruction.
Junaid Awan
December 29, 2012 12:39 pm
PPP should now nominate the Prince Bilawal`s son as the person to take the chair after him. Hats off to the biggest DEMOCRATIC party of Pakistan...I guess they think pakistani people eat grass.
December 29, 2012 12:37 pm
what about ANP and MQM. They are also being run as private companies. NO?
January 1, 2013 6:39 pm
No they also are a part of this corrupt system
December 29, 2012 12:07 pm
Mature PPP leadership could not deliver.... let us see how the immature leaders will do in future..... When a blind leads a blind we all fall in to a ditch..... We will be ditched for sure and their heirs would enjoy the wealth they amassed.
December 30, 2012 7:52 pm
This is amazing, since when he became a Bhutto ? Is the real surname of is father is Asif Ali Bhutto ? Even if he was a real Bhutto, they don't have not granted heavenly franchize to run this beautiful land.
December 29, 2012 11:43 am
In our political (read feudal) system, when majority of the population still remains uneducated, PPP needs a symbolic head for their cult following. Bilawal will serve that purpose. We are a nation of grave worshipers (only not politically but socially as well).
Aqil Siddiqi
December 30, 2012 7:43 pm
I agree with your comments. You put the nail in the coffin.
January 1, 2013 6:44 pm
And what did Bhutto did for this country?
Rogers Evans
December 29, 2012 11:22 am
He is NOT Bhutto. He is Zardari. Pakistan can not trust rich and spoiled kids as leaders.
December 29, 2012 4:30 am
Why you have to be a pseudo Bhutto to lead the PPP?
December 29, 2012 10:54 am
We should stop all the political dynasties. This is the only way to Pakistan success
Muhammad Kamran Somroo
December 29, 2012 11:13 am
i agree with u .Bilawal is not from Bhutto family.PPP iS trying to come in second time .But its not possible .I request 4 all Pakistanis plzzzzzzzzz gave ur votes that party who have capiable cabnet not just leader. like PML-N in this party mian shahbaz sharif is good governor but whole cabet is dall . ya ALLAH mary mulk Pakistan par koi aadil hukmaran nafiz farma. Ameen
Zahid Sadik
December 29, 2012 5:26 am
We need to understand democracy; if Pakistanies have democratic vision than Bilawal don't qualify for party leader. Let's don't vote for those parties who don't have democratic spirit.
December 29, 2012 5:35 am
he is a bacha....inexperienced, ..just havin the label of his mom's fame .. why he need to show up anyways ...
December 30, 2012 11:47 pm
This nation will never wake up and smell the destruction. They need rovolt, that's the ONLY option to put this country back on track.
December 30, 2012 6:32 am
A person who names his party PML (N) after his name is not a leader but a dictator. Ask people who have lived close to Hamza and brother in law.
January 1, 2013 6:31 pm
False hopes though.
Abdul j Sheikh
December 29, 2012 4:53 am
What does he promise to you - - a cricket ground? If you are smart enough don't look at politician. Get good skilled education and use it; you will automatically forget glamours politician.
December 29, 2012 4:54 am
Bilawal, who spent his entire life abroad (maximum part of his life). He didn't bother to help poor, needy, hungry, crying, deprived nation of pakistan. His parents were leading the main party of country and despite being in the family of such a main party, he didn't open any charity institution. We didn't see him during the earthquak of 2008, floods of 2009-10 and still did he bother to help and announce the plan for flood victims? No. There is lot more to say about him. He is just an imported person who landed in Pakistan just to take over the business of his father. I know our nation is so innocent that we just start running after different faces without considering their real performance . My question is - Do we Pakistanis' NOT find any good face in the huge population of Pakistan which is around 200 million? If we Pakistanis' dont change our behaviour then we should wait for the worst of worst situation. First we elect wrong person and send them in parliament and when floods hit, earthquak hit, target killing hit, law n order situation hit the country then everyone curse the govt., my question is why our nation elect such persons then?
December 29, 2012 5:39 am
Marketing Zardari Jr. as a “Bhutto” by Mr. Ten percent is a cent percent sham. Fake products have no shelf life in the market place!
December 30, 2012 11:58 pm
I don't understand that a person who never lived in Pakistan thinking of ruling Pakistan. Pity for Pakistani. If he becomes a leader Pakistan will be ruined .
December 30, 2012 11:59 pm
You found out the truth. What do you eat?
January 1, 2013 6:28 pm
I agree, I do not know the start but I know that he will end up the same..
December 30, 2012 11:56 pm
Yes, there are three that I can see right now, me, myself and I. Give me sometime, I might see some more.
December 29, 2012 7:30 am
I disagree. Please just name one person in the party whose character is unblemished.
December 29, 2012 7:31 am
Can you name those one of the bests. Please enlighten us.
December 30, 2012 11:53 pm
Yeah, blame everything on the British, only angels live in the land of the pure. But just out of curiosity, how come, the angels are so often led astray by the British, I thought that the angels were too wise, to be misguided by someone.
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:21 am
Not true. Political dynasty exits exists every where even in the USA. A vast majority of the Senators and Congressmen belong to such families.
December 31, 2012 12:22 am
You could do with one less of "a" in your spelling.
Amin Hussain
December 29, 2012 9:05 am
"Will Bilawal Bhutto’s entry into politics begin a promising chapter in Pakistan’s political history?" It's amazing that Dawn can frame such a ludicrous question... If anything it signals the lack of a new chapter in Pakistani politics!
December 31, 2012 12:09 am
they all r crook politician he have to kill his father to avenge his mothers death nobody care for country but themselves
December 31, 2012 12:09 am
Afridi is another one.
December 29, 2012 6:32 am
Imran Khan, Altaf etc are atleast the habitants of Pakistan and they have spent their majority of life in Pakistan. They know the dynamics of this country to some extent and they have struggled alot from grass root to obtain the leadership charisma they have right now. So no match of such persons with 'The Imported Child'
M A Mujeeb
December 29, 2012 6:54 am
Bilawal is not from Bhutto family. The leadership of Peoples party should be given to Fatima Bhutto as she is the daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's son.
Abdul j Sheikh
December 29, 2012 4:54 am
Hard to find.
December 29, 2012 8:31 am
No he cant make any big difference for democracy reason he is from same party which has been there for decades now Yes he would be commited to fight terroism reason being its only PPP and ANP which seem serious in this struggle No he is not politically mature to handle long boots and beards of Pakistan
December 28, 2012 11:40 pm
Let's hope that apple is not already rotten!
A. Khan
December 31, 2012 12:27 am
Oh God, not another rich kid born with a silver spoon out to lead a poor and bankrupt country. When will we be rid of this bad luck ?
December 29, 2012 6:07 am
We don't need Bilawal. England should keep him permanently.
S. A. M.
December 30, 2012 7:13 am
Look at his face he seems to be completely devoid of having any clue as to what he has to say next. At times it seems he is just smiling without a reason. he can only be a good puppet for the daddy zardari for if he had any brains daddy would have kept him at bay from govt's matters he is the rite fit for zardari.
December 29, 2012 5:14 am
He is not from the masses and have not spent time like Rahul Ghandi to understand what the nation is all about - he would not be saviour but a disastor for pakistan polictics which is already on life saving device.
Adil Jadoon
December 29, 2012 8:08 am
I thought PPP was a political party and not a fiefdom, but alas bothPPPand PML-N are being run as private property. Shame on those voting for these corrupt and inept politicians.
January 3, 2013 6:01 pm
PPP right from 70's is expert in buying votes and pressure groups. PPP plunder wealth and then use it in next election to buy votes of poors and bradaries. PPP buy the employees who run the election and no other party can beat them. This gives them confidence to launch any candidate not on merit but based on family loyalty. So launching Bilawal makes a lot of sense to keep control over the empire that is built by them since 70's. Common Pakistanies and Sindhies in particular are not mature enough to know how it hurts them in the long run.
December 28, 2012 3:47 pm
Pakistan need a corruption eradication revolution
Nadir Shah
December 29, 2012 3:48 am
He joins the club where membership is restricted, his fellow club members are,Hamza Sharif, Ali Musa Gilani,Moonis Elahi . What a band of brothers !
December 29, 2012 3:41 am
What right does he have to become chairman of PPP ? Because dear mother said so. I thought PPP was a gross root party, not a party of dynastic, feudal politicians. When in power, he will be surrounded by old cronies of his father, AAZ.
Faisal Taquie
December 28, 2012 1:07 pm
For Bilawal, he is just joining the family business:)
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:55 am
Not true. We all have our Narender Modi's.
December 29, 2012 1:29 am
In democracy it's your vote that counts; In feudalism it's your count that votes. Mogens Jallberg
December 31, 2012 4:56 am
land of the lost*
December 31, 2012 4:59 am
The guy has no ties with Pakistan. Just because his mother and grandpa were ex-PMs does not mean he is a politician. About time for people of Pakistan to ignore such psudo leaders,
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 4:59 am
There is some thing about the Bhutto name that inspires the working class of Pakistan. I have met some their eyes becomes wet and their breathing becomes harder and they have a faraway look in their eyes like they have seen their dreams smashed.
Shahzad Ahmed
December 31, 2012 2:24 pm
He belong to one of the old dynastic politics in Pakistan-nothing would change untill people get educated enough to understand true meaning of politics and mere rhetoric. Policy on War on Terror is determined by the Army so he would not have any say on this- just be a rubber stamp. The kid is just out of school. It will take some time before he gets mature
December 28, 2012 9:15 am
Bilawal I'm sure ia nice young man but he is coming of age at a time when Pakistanis are fed up of the bhuttos and the Sharifs. Dynastic politics will end slowly, as it did in the west. The questions Bilawal should ask himself is; does he want to be the poster child of this dying feudalistic structure that no one is willing to defend? He can make his contributions to Pakistan in many ways, but seeking the PM's office would be a step backward for Pakistani democracy.
December 28, 2012 11:31 pm
Please grow up and educate yourself. It is high time that you elect your leaders based on performance and ability. The present crises facing the country is because you have the legacy of past leaders, you need homegrown politicians educated at home and abroad. Hopefully, in 50 years when Pakistani style democracy will mature, then Inshallah you will have stability. Until then just bear the Taliban, Sipha Sahaba........
December 28, 2012 11:04 pm
I dont think Bilawal is right person to lead the party. Time for change in leadership!!
December 28, 2012 11:09 pm
Leaders emerge from within it's people, He has not. Leaders have shared common experiences with the people that they belong to. He has not. Leaders have shared the pain, the trials and tribulations along with their people. He has not. Leaders have sacrificed as much as the people they live amongst. He has not. Leaders have suffered along with their people. He has not. A leaders vision for his country is a compilation of the desires and dreams of his fellow men and women - Since this man has neither lived among his people nor shared, or suffered or sacrificed anything, then what pray tell me, what qualifies him to lead anyone? Let alone a nation at the brink of a stunningly bright future that awaits an equally bright savior? That savior apparently is not him.
December 28, 2012 7:08 pm
he is not bhutto...he is zardari!!!
December 28, 2012 9:52 pm
why do newspapers hold on line polls - real people of Pakistan don't use this mode.
December 28, 2012 9:34 pm
here is a simple question: do we want to continue down a path of hate and revenge? because that is what Bilawal and his father have been doing, claiming to avenge Benazir Bhutto by destroying our country. Unfortunately, people will still blindly follow him because he is son of Benazir Bhutto. I wonder when the jiyalas would realize that a guy who doesn't even want to reveal his own mother's killers is not good for the country!
Big Bird
December 28, 2012 1:21 pm
"The nation is yours, it is with you, we are all with you, congratulations to Bilawal and the coming generations" -- Zardari The nation needs the comming generations to be more like Malala Yousafza not Bilawal. While he was off in Duabi and London she was home fighting the terrorist ideology.
December 28, 2012 6:56 pm
A new Zardari is emerging to continue the corrupt wadera system/
December 28, 2012 10:53 am
He is not a Bhutto... so the title should be "rebirth of another zardari"
Jamshed Khan
December 28, 2012 10:57 am
He is not a Bhutto, people. He is a Zardari. Don't expect change from him. Open your eyes.
December 28, 2012 10:48 am
Definetly he is not mature enough to understand pakistans issues - even IK an, old politician hasnt touched the real issues.God bless Pakistan.
December 28, 2012 10:39 am
Next foreign-imported Ruler in the making.
Rashed Chughtai
December 28, 2012 10:26 am
This is very unfortunate for Pakistan and its people to have another leader from the same lot. People who know Bilawal well can tell you that he is not mature or knowledgeable enough to lead a university representative council let alone an organization or more. If he (Bilawal) really wants to come out, it should be without any feudilistic influence; lets see what can he do & achieve without the 'Bhutto' name attached with him. Moreover, he should take a leaf from Rahul Gandhi's life & try to follow his foot steps to become a 'real' leader of people rather than jumping in a plane and contesting the highest office. I feel sorry for people of Pakistan.
December 28, 2012 3:45 pm
Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree
December 28, 2012 12:53 pm
Oh and...she is a real Bhutto. This one is a Zardari.
December 28, 2012 8:18 pm
its just useless to talik about these corrupt people, they r coming to bankrupt our country, zardari has become the richest person in world now now its bilawa,s turn to continue this job ,,
December 28, 2012 1:00 pm
Only geyala's will support him.
December 27, 2012 6:55 pm
I am a fan of the PPP but ....No to all the 3 questions
Abdul j Sheikh
December 27, 2012 7:05 pm
This kid remind me that time fly.If Imran kahn , altaf, Allama Qadri and etc. can become politician then what's wrong with him?
December 28, 2012 6:25 pm
and so ... the bhutto curse lingers on on this poor country.
December 27, 2012 7:29 pm
Stop the political dynasties in Pakistan!!! Shameful for Pakistanis to allow this to happen!!!!
Israr Khan IsmailZai.
December 27, 2012 7:30 pm
Oh God, Save Pakistan.
December 27, 2012 7:48 pm
Family has proven histry of looting the country. What do you expect? Same tree with different branches.
December 27, 2012 7:48 pm
December 27, 2012 7:49 pm
How can anybody become a Bhutto by changing their last name? Pathetic!
December 27, 2012 8:02 pm
He is not a Bhutto, period.
December 27, 2012 8:39 pm
do you think Bilawal is politically mature enough to understand the complex dynamics of the state of affairs in Pakistan? Do you think he needs to be mature to run this country. No not at all, the country is run on foreign aid and loans, ZARDARI definitely must have trained him in how to be the best begger to get dollars for the country and for his Swiss Banks. Thats all it requires these days for running Pakistan.
December 27, 2012 8:40 pm
I think Fatima Bhutto is far more mature and intelligent than this college student any given day.
December 28, 2012 6:02 pm
PPP doesn't fight for democracy, they fight for bhutocracy. Bhuttos had their 2 generations and look at where Pakistan is now - a huge mess. No more bhuottos please, lets give other people chance.
January 1, 2013 7:24 pm
How can some one raised abroad with no stake in Pakistan except plundering national wealth and living a life like a king understand problems of Pakistan when even the local leadership is unable and inept to define and make a plan to get the nation out of the current severe crises the country is facing. We desperately are in need of a leader and there is no one competent enough or have the guts other than Imran Khan. For the sake of our nation's propserity and the next generation, please support Mr. Khan in whichever way you can.
December 27, 2012 9:14 pm
Its time the people of Pakistan should take their future and future of the country seriously. This country is not a family property that is to be passed on from one generation to an other generation. Let Master Bilawal first learn the language of this country first. How shameful for a nation, whose aspiring leader is wondering as to why the supreme court is asking question about samosa, food and cng prices. He does not know that 56% population of this country goes to bed without food.
December 27, 2012 9:21 pm
I think if i say what i think you would not post my comment
December 27, 2012 9:28 pm
same old story played again and again in the land of the Pure.
Muhammad Ahmed
December 28, 2012 3:17 pm
Its time we break away from political dynasties and stop confusing the younger generations of politicians that they are destined to takeover seats from their parents. Hard working PPP workers who have stayed loyal to the party in thick and thin deserve to lead the party. Bilawal should prove his worth as a political worker before being crowned the heir. The new generation of Pakistanis are quite skeptical of politicians and this will just re-affirm the ongoing belief that it does not matter how hard and honestly you work but if you are born at the right time in the right place then you deserve to be treated as royalty. It is also sad that he is being destined to become a politician which is almost taking free will out of his decision to pursue something different. I feel bad for our country if Bilawal, Hamza Shahbaz , Hina Rabbani and Maryam Nawaz are the only options left. I would have preferred Fatima Bhutto to come and lead who at least have proven her scholarly caliber and lived seems to have closer links to Pakistan.
December 27, 2012 10:10 pm
No one with straight face and true fear of Allah can say that this democratic, correct and in the best eof the nation.
December 27, 2012 10:15 pm
PPP should changed their name to CCC Corruption , crime , control
December 28, 2012 3:29 pm
1. Do you think the new Bhutto could prove an important turning point for democracy and politics in Pakistan? 2. Besides setting out to avenge the assassination of his mother, will he be able to stay committed to the larger war against terrorism in the country? 3. Lastly, do you think Bilawal is politically mature enough to understand the complex dynamics of the state of affairs in Pakistan? Answers: 1. Eainnnnnnnnq! Worng question!! He is Zardari - Ibn-e-Zardari not Bhutto 2. Avenge against assassination of MBBS is just alternate slogan to Roti, Kaprra, Makaan for taking off 3. O' really do we have mature politicians in Pakistan? by the way 25 is the initial limit for a person to be elected at national level & not the maximum-though he was 'mature' after 13
Arman Zain
December 27, 2012 10:18 pm
Who is he and any rational reason to be talking about him beside that he was born to some X person? I If he is being considered for leadership because he was born in some family then please let him know he should be talking about Monarchy as this doesn't happen in Democracy.
Shakeel Adnan
December 27, 2012 10:24 pm
He is not a Bhutto. And personally I have nothing against him. Practically we need a revolutionist in Pakistan. I dont beleive if Mr. B. Zardari knows about what it takes. Even if he does, he can not with his party agenda compensate to the kind of change Pakistan requires now.
Muba Khan
December 27, 2012 10:53 pm
I think if someone asks him how many states are in Pakistan and name them, we'll have viral Youtube video to enjoy. Kid is joke and sad part is people will vote for him.
Kamal Hussain
December 27, 2012 10:56 pm
Bialwal is trying to be Rahul Gandhi. Both Bilalwal and Rahul need to find day-time jobs. Sadly many in their respective countries - Pakistan and India - think of these guy as heir apparents.
December 27, 2012 11:17 pm
By making Bilawal the chairman, his father and the PPP have made a big mistake. They should have given the helm to a more mature, seasoned and charismatic speaker and allowed Bilawal to serve him or her.
December 28, 2012 5:29 pm
heard his speech and what a joke it was! The kid has no clue what he was talking about. It was a speech that was memorized and i bet, he did not even understand some of the things he was shouting about, to get a reaction from the audience. he pretended to be like his grandfather and his mother - but he failed miserably. His only purpose to get into politics is to avenge the deaths of his grandfather and his mother. Unfortunately, in this process, he is bound to destroy what is left of Pakistan. I pray the people of Pakistan can see beyond the name "Bhutto", and keep this "kid" from ever running the country. He is no "Bhutto" - never was and never will be.
December 28, 2012 5:27 pm
guys plz think before giving your vote to ppp wht they hav done in last 5 years just corruption and corruption.. Just give your vote to imran khan
December 28, 2012 5:27 pm
It's non as democratic dictatorship :D
Ahmed Shafiq
December 28, 2012 5:28 pm
PPP won last election on Benazir death sympathy, now they want this son with grandson of Bhutto and son og Bhutto. PPP has been useless for 5 years. not a single mega project in 5 years for Pakistanis. Motor ways was atleast given by Nawaz Sharif in his short term and metro by his brother for lahore.Poor Pakistanis just keep electing them and they will keep poor always!
Naveen Kumar
December 27, 2012 11:55 pm
The subcontinent needs independence from these dynasties.
December 27, 2012 11:59 pm
Where is democracy is this? Just answer this question?
December 28, 2012 12:01 am
Where is democracy in this? Just answer this question?
December 28, 2012 5:21 pm
I agree but do you see any such leaders in that party.
December 28, 2012 12:19 am
Absolutely not. This is like taking dynastic politics to the extreme ala N.Korea, where the "great leader" "the rising sun" Kim Jong Un is in power.
Imtiaz Faruqui
December 28, 2012 5:21 pm
Bhutto and Zardari's should learn a lesson from Indhra Gandhi's family, Where have all the Gandhis gone ? Long time passing and long time ago.
December 28, 2012 5:20 pm
Does he even know what democracy means? Families don't run democracies. Wake up Pakistan, the people he talks about that are the losers are you.
December 28, 2012 12:33 am
Bilawal is not a Bhutto, he is a Zardari....... Asif Zardari has made sure to wipe out ZAB's legacy....
December 28, 2012 5:19 pm
He is not a Bhutto...Parentage goes through father, he is a Zardari, taking advantage of Good name of Bhutto, not 10% Zardari. This is not a kingdom, everybody should earn their credentials, is PPP really out of good people that they are relying on this guy who is milking a good name. Give the nation a break
December 28, 2012 5:15 pm
What a joke?
December 28, 2012 1:15 am
Here we have people questioning the credentials and political maturity of new political entrants belonging to PTI and now we see people hailing bilawal whose qualifications are being born to a bhutto mother and unfortunately in this day and age for a lot of people this is good enough.
December 28, 2012 1:48 am
His past behavior and comments do not make him a leader as yet. It's not only that he is young or not but his ego is on top of him so that silver spoon has to vanish. He has to show what he can do on his own. Political Inheritance is always short lived. His dialogues are too too poor and shows only reliance on mother and father names.
December 28, 2012 2:04 am
when will pakistan get rid off family slavery?
December 30, 2012 10:49 pm
He is not Bhutto, he is Zardari
umair khan
December 28, 2012 11:36 am
even if he is a bhuttu dont expect anything
umair khan
December 28, 2012 11:35 am
very right
Anila bhullar
December 28, 2012 3:04 am
Big NO to all the questions.
December 28, 2012 7:18 pm
Nobody knows who is Bilawal, he has just descended. The nation and people should be aware, simply has he ever travelled on the so called public transport system in the metropolis of Karachi, therefore he deserves no attention, he is an outsider.
Iqbal khan
December 28, 2012 3:07 am
He has been trained by the best of the best.May God bless Pakistan one last time.
December 28, 2012 5:02 pm
Sajjid Ahmedenijad is not a noble man as you call him have you been to Iran i have it is not a nice place i feel sorry for its people, you cannot even move with out the religouse police following you they can not have inter net no free speech and the women are treated like rubbish thats the great leader you look up to.
December 28, 2012 12:22 pm
They won't, because they're too busy getting rid of the family silver. He, just ;like his family talk of demcoracy and freedom, and yet his mother wrote in her will that he was the rightful heir to her legacy. So much for democracy. God help Pakistan
December 28, 2012 4:40 am
No, infact he will be zardari puppet.
Naveed Balouch
December 28, 2012 5:00 am
PPP is history; they are grasping at straws. Most young Pakistanis can't stand Bilawal, and his speech has done him no favors. It was written and controlled by his father's team of spin doctors. In summary, Bilawal is the last nail in the PPP coffin. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
December 28, 2012 4:54 pm
well said.
sana yasin
December 28, 2012 8:59 am
the person who never lived in he can understand the issues of Pakistan
Sajjad Hussain
December 28, 2012 5:19 am
I don't think that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will bring any kind of change, the Country having since Six or Seven years, He has not felt poverity, he did not have seen troubles, he did not have seen the livilihood of Pakistani people, he has just study in the Books only. Our Rulers should learn from the President of Iran Dr Mahmoud Ahmedenijad, this noble man has left everything he just love his nation and his country, this person has just adopted the Simplicity.
December 28, 2012 4:51 pm
I assume that most people on this forum have not seen the Real Bhuto's time. Please ask some one who has and they will tell you how this party's rule was. This party wants to play it again & again.upon the grave of ZAB . His time was the worst time in the history of this country. Nothing personal but you cannot change the history.
December 28, 2012 4:51 pm
same politics differant face, what exp does this kid have None at all he needs to get a real job not hanging on his mothers coat tails. it takes a like time to become a polictcian, i hope that the people of Pakistan who are being Hoodwinked by this dishonest and greedy family wake up and smell the coffee and not elect this family ever again.
December 28, 2012 5:26 am
What PPP has given to the country before anyway, except corruption.
zafar khan
January 2, 2013 9:07 am
Perhaps, he even could not understand what does politics mean and how an administrator brings ears to the problems. The fire his lips spark are not self innovative but designed. A person who might be unaware of the scenario of nation can never be a stable figure to run the affairs of a state of torn constitution and shattered economy ... God bless Pakistan. Amin
December 28, 2012 5:33 am
A party is not the fiefdom of a family. It belongs to he people who subscribe to it. So, Pakistan needs to get out of family-based, essentially feudal, politics and step into the modern world of secular democracy. The Bhuttos have made their contribution to Pakistan's struggles toward a democratic polity in many significant ways, and members of their family may yet make further contributions. But they have no divine right over the party, leadership, or Pakistani politics. There are many qualified and dedicated workers who have matured with experience, are better prepared, and more educated about the countries needs. It is time for a cadre from among them to come forward to take the leadership position and demonstrate that the Peoples' Party indeed does stand for democracy and democratic processes. Their is no magic in the name nor divine dispensation for just one family to forever feel entitled to "lead" and forever expect others to follow. It would do Bilawal a lot of good to get a decent education, serve as an ordinary party member, and take up grass root responsibilities before aspiring to the mantle of "leadership."
December 28, 2012 2:05 pm
It does not matter who he is? Is coming or existing is not going to make difference to Pakistani's. Pakistan is headed to a civil war soon. If you don't believe me look at the law an order situation, there is absolutely no rule of law.
saghir Ayub
December 28, 2012 8:53 am
He was asking in his speach for Justice. What Justice is he talking about? Or does he mean JUST US!
December 28, 2012 8:51 am
Frankly i don't care, Imran khan the only leader i can think at the moment.
December 28, 2012 4:39 pm
Count me in too.
December 28, 2012 4:36 pm
ZAB's philosophy was that " Self above party and party above all."
Shahid Masud12
December 28, 2012 8:41 am
Just like so many other political parties of Pakistan PPP also believes in Dictatorship with in it's ranks, so what democracy these people talking about ?
December 28, 2012 8:39 am
Shameful if this dude ever become leader of the country...What a joke to launch rather than produce a deserved politicians...Any person with the last name of Zardari sounds a nightmare to the hungry Pakistani.
December 28, 2012 6:57 am
is he a real Bhutto?????????????????????????????????? before vote think twice
December 28, 2012 6:58 am
His only qualification he has that he is the son of Zardari & Benazir. Corruption is running in his blood. Reading a speech written by a speech writer does not make a person into a leader.
Abdur Razzaque
December 28, 2012 8:17 am
The background of Bilal Bhutto is not really a good and patriotic ones. He is, like other of his family members a power greedy person that Pakistan does not need. Pakistan at this time of his critical moment needs an honest,dedicated and friendly and true believer of Islam, who can bring justice and long lasting peace and equality among the disheartened common Pakistanis.
no name
December 28, 2012 7:02 am
This is PAKISTAN. sub chalta hai....bhayaaa.
December 28, 2012 7:28 am
There is no need of yet another politician.
Tariq K Sami
December 30, 2012 5:01 am
Ameen. Long Live Imran Khan.
Imran A.
December 31, 2012 2:15 pm
I think bilawal will be a great politician and take the country out of the current depression. Btw, I also believe that in 2013 the world will end, there was a miscalculation of the year. Doctors tell me that I have hallucination problems too.
Aqil Siddiqi
January 2, 2013 6:31 pm
Exactly. I agree with you. Aqil Siddiqi
Aqil Siddiqi
January 2, 2013 6:33 pm
We need more like you to really understand the current problems of Pakistan.
January 5, 2013 2:48 pm
Only a poor can understand and solve the problems of the poors, this guy lived abroad all his life, probably never spent a single day empty stomach, never slept out in the open in winters, never gone through the pain and sorrows of the people living in slums having no jobs and no apparent reason to live, than how would he be able to understand their problems. They can never do anything unless they realize that they are normal human beings like us and that they are our paid servants.
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How much do you know about Indian Elections?
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