‘Ebbing of the tsunami’

Published Dec 23, 2012 10:56pm

THIS is with reference to Zaheer Ahmed’s letter ‘Ebbing of the tsunami’ (Dec 10). The writer has clarified that he is an admirer of Imran Khan and his purpose was not to malign the great leader, rather to make positive criticism on some of his decisions and policies.

There is agreement on the fact that the loss of turncoats is no loss to the party. However, it was not possible to pick and choose individuals to be inducted into the party. What will be the yardstick and criteria for inducting people into the party?

A political party can only elect people as its leaders. Even if it was a mistake to open the floodgates, let us consider the fact that it forced the PTI to conduct party elections which would go a long way to make it a strong political institution.

With rapid polarisation in Pakistan, it is very difficult to pursue a middle path. With the TTP and Nato on either side, Imran Khan is following policies which are for the benefit of Pakistan.

I do not believe that he has a tilt on either side. The perception created in the media or his silence is sometimes construed as his stated policy.

The ground reality is that Pakistan is the most affected country in terms of fatalities, economically and socially. We must think about Pakistan first and not be afraid of any powerful quarters and lobbies. Of course, tactfulness and diplomacy is of the utmost importance and Imran Khan must follow the advice of his advisers.

The supporters and advisers are all well-wishers of Imran Khan and Pakistan. They may give a variety of options and advice. It is the leader who has to follow the correct advice. A leader can make mistakes but a great one always recognises his error(s). He learns from it and then takes steps to rectify it.

Let us not be disappointed and work in the present environment to make our dream a reality. Whatever the situation, we will struggle to make Pakistan a truly great nation and have a leader who will make us an honourable and dignified nation of this world.


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sher khan
Dec 25, 2012 01:15am
well said