THIS is regarding the use of CNG in Pakistan and the current hearings in the Supreme Court (SC). We commend the SC for taking notice of the plight of the people of Pakistan. Although it is a purely administrative or executive domain, the notice of the SC shall definitely ensure adherence to the constitution of Pakistan which gives and ensures equal opportunity to all citizens.

I believe that because of the reduction in CNG prices, the plight and difficulties of the poor, including labourers, has increased.

Owing to the non-availability of gas, many small, medium-sized and large industries are on the brink of closure, reduced productivity and profitability and its direct casualty is the poor people of our country.

It is worth noting that CNG is directly or indirectly being used by the middle class. It is appalling that in a country where people send their children without breakfast to schools in the morning due to limited gas pressure, the elite and the upper middle class is using this precious resource in driving their vehicles.

There is a need to involve the ministry of industries to get feedback on industries and  joblessness due to gas or energy limitation.

In my view, the provision of CNG to a few is against the fundamental principles of the constitution.

The Supreme Court should immediately pass an order to close CNG gas stations (consuming four to 500 MMCF of gas, enough to run industries) till the final order is passed.

This will ensure to some extent bread and butter for the poorest of the poor.


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Imran Ahmed (@IAgnikul)
December 24, 2012 3:43 pm
I endorse the views expressed by Mohsin Jami with the proviso that CNG as vehicle fuel should continue supplying rickshaws and public buses used by lower income groups going to work. Safe and lit bicycle lanes should be constructed on all major routes, bicycle lamps and reflectors must be made mandatory. Domestic gas should only be released twice a day to enable cooking but not use for heating or electricity generation, the rest of the precious resource should be diverted to industry.
December 25, 2012 6:50 am
Karachi have no CNG crisis.This crisis is limited to some cities and northern areas only.Karachi is a safe heaven for looters, criminals and terrorists.
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