I WAS passing through the West Ridge III Road, near the Army Public School, on the morning of Dec 3 when I saw a horrible accident take place. A small schoolgirl while trying to cross the road to reach school was hit by a car. Consequently, her leg was fractured. The girl will now be bed-ridden for a pretty long time.

The accident will certainly affect her mentally, emotionally and psychologically, thus making her permanently miserable for the rest of her life without any fault on her part. This is indeed a case of criminal negligence.

The school has many civilian guards and army jawans. However, none could help the girl cross the road on the day.

To prevent such accidents from reoccurring, the school administration would be well-advised to post guards on the road to regulate traffic at the time of opening and closing hours of the school. Children could be escorted to cross the road by forming small batches, as is the practice in all civilised countries. The police should also take notice of the accident if they have not already done so.

Parents should feel assured that their loved ones are in the safest possible hands. Simultaneously, the army should initiate an inquiry to nip such accidents in the bud.

NASEER U. AWAN     Islamabad

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Keti Zilgish
December 24, 2012 9:36 am
What about the Army Public School in Karachi near Lucky Star. The daily traffic jams there waste a lot of fuel and people's precious time. Lets see the Army proving itself to be any less of a nuisance to this country than what it is. It could be a trailblazer for the traffic jams in front of majority of the schools in this most disorganised yet cosmopolitan of cities.
December 24, 2012 3:06 pm
This is not a problem with other schools? Non- Army????
Agha Ata
December 24, 2012 6:24 pm
That was the first time I saw it. Then I realized that that was the rule. When s school bus stops, no matter where in the city, entire traffic stops. And what?s more, when children leave the school, the traffic, approximately uptown 200 yards on all direction of the school, is slowed down to 20 miles an hour, with alert police officers at the right places to check. I am talking of the USA (America). This is not something that only rich countries can do. We all can do it, if we love our children and know how to use our imagination.
December 25, 2012 4:32 am
Is it only army public schools?? Your sentence.........less of nuisance to this country.....is more of subversive in nature than really cribbing about an issue.
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