Final round of voting begins on Egypt constitution

An Egyptian woman casts her vote on a new constitution at a polling station. — Photo by AFP

CAIRO: Polls opened in Egypt on Saturday in the final round of a two-stage referendum on a new constitution pushed by President Mohamed Morsi and his allies.

The draft charter was expected to be adopted after winning 57 per cent support in the first round a week ago.

The secular-minded opposition has called for a “no” vote and the country has seen a month of protests against Morsi and the text.

AFP correspondents in Giza, southwest of Cairo, saw polling stations begin work, allowing in men and women — in separate lines — to cast their ballots after identity checks.

Some 250,000 police and soldiers were deployed to provide security during the referendum.

The army has also stationed tanks outside the presidential palace in Cairo since early this month, after deadly clashes between rival demonstrators.

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M. Asghar
Dec 22, 2012 01:59pm
The people will decide away from the noise of the disturbing elements.