THIS refers to startling comments published by the media about the recent meeting of the federal cabinet where some ministers were very critical of the NAB chairman for disclosure of massive daily corruption and pilferage ranging from Rs7 to Rs8bn.

A few even dared to make observations that the NAB chief was biting the hand that feeds him. Loyalty, if any, should be to Pakistan, its people and the constitution, followed by political loyalty by party members to declared party manifesto, which is a commitment to the people.

What they forgot is that they have all taken the oath to uphold rule of law and the constitution, not individuals who themselves have taken a similar oath.

The hand that feeds all public servants, civil-cum-khaki, and elected executive public office-holders, including the president, the prime minister, governors, chief ministers, ministers, judges, and others is the state of Pakistan, its 190 million unfortunate citizens and the national exchequer and not those elected to serve the people and play a role of custodians.

It is for the elected public office-holders and paid civil or khaki servants of this state to realise whether they have served Pakistan.

What have they given back to this country? Why have some of these elected public servants betrayed trust of this nation and pledged an oath of loyalty to another country, shifted all their assets there and consider this country not worthy for their families to reside in.

The crippling power shortages, collapsed state-owned air, road and rail transport systems, insecurity, the billions of rupees being daily pilfered from state corporations, the despicable state of roads, bridges, the colossal tax evasion, massive inflation, etc., all point to failures of not just this elected government, but also those who preceded it.


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December 21, 2012 11:31 am
Well said.
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