I WOULD like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to the pathetic condition of public transport in Islamabad. Public transporters are making a fast buck by charging people at their free will.

I daily have to travel about 30 kilometres. I drive my own private vehicle and always think about the fuel I am wasting daily. The mere thought of using public transport gives me shudders.

People are cooped up as four people are cooped up in a seating arrangement of three; they are cramped while bus owners charge the maximum amount of money.

Taxis have neither any meter installed nor any specific rate per kilometre set by the government. The dilapidated condition of cabs and vans dissuades many from travelling in them. Not to mention the rowdiness of drivers and conductors, this is another off-putter.

The government should take notice of this injustice meted out to the common man. It must ensure that no overloading takes place; fitness of cars and vans must be checked and an age limit of the vehicles should be determined.

Meters must be installed in cabs and fitness certificates should be issued. The rate per kilometre for taxis must be set and revised accordingly as is the case with vans plying in the city by the government, keeping in view both the CNG and petrol prices.

This may put an end to the lame excuses of cab drivers due to the non-availability of CNG and cumbersome fare negotiations.

Public-private enterprises should meet to introduce new bus services for Islamabad as well.


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Md Imran
December 20, 2012 5:27 pm
The government is in talks with China to come up with a metro system that will be on par with Singapore in quality. Please wait for an year or two. Thanks.
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