ANY individual who chooses to enter politics, especially those who head political parties, should be open to public scrutiny and have tolerance to face critical analysis of their assets, their extravagant lifestyle, tax records, their commitment to Pakistan vis-a-vis dual nationality status, financial and business records, etc.

When men or women who seek public office or hold the office of a political party, giving them clout in decision-making, then their private lives, weaknesses and sources of earning should be open to public scrutiny and media exposure, because men who decide the fate of people should be above board.

Cults or hereditary rights to seek political roles are adverse to democratic norms, because these roles are only conducive to feudal mindsets.

Political cults lead to violence, murder and threats of intimidation to exert their influence.

Party workers who do not tolerate criticism of their leaders have become cult disciples and this has no role in democratic politics.

Political morality, democratic ethics and culture of tolerance have become victim of these cult-like groupings that thrive on corruption, land-grabbing, human traffic, drug scams, weapon-smuggling and usurpation of state assets.

Therefore, all individuals who have chosen to play a role in national or provincial politics should be subjected to strict public scrutiny. Paid public servants must also be subjected to similar scrutiny and accountability.


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Azfar A Khan
December 17, 2012 11:15 am
The advice is marvelous, though, but who's going to follow. It's like playing a flute in front of a buffalo! Let's wait for some messiah to sort these dacoits out!
December 17, 2012 3:07 pm
Dear Rashid, Since your are living in USA you do not know the dynamics of our politics, our politics is constituency based and the voters know the family and financial background of each and every candidate very well and they vote for the most powerful candidate of their constituency, source of income and power has no relevance in our elections candidate just have to be powerful (influential) and wealthy so that he can satisfy the legal or illegal demands of his voters
December 17, 2012 6:57 pm
What else these so called politicians have to impress the poor people, their pomp and show, bunglows and cars, servants and maids. Otherwise they have no manners, no norms, no integrity, no morals, no words, no ethics, no loyalty. They themselves claim that nothing is certain in politics. Is it politics or brokery of people?
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