A RECENT conference in Qatar about global warming and climate change has reported that it has become a big challenge for big powers which are mostly responsible for the climate disaster to clear the mess.

According to the media, leaders from more than 200 countries gathered in Doha, Qatar, to continue talks on climate change and to discuss how to cut emissions of carbon gases, as well as provide more assistance to poor countries which are badly affected by climate change. UN chief Ban Ki-moon blamed rich countries for global warming and climate change.

The big powers have failed to provide desired results about climate change and global warming and things are going from bad to worse everywhere.

The world is faced with the worst hurricanes, typhoons and flooding of modern history.

According to UN estimates, recent climate change and global warming cost developed countries a sum of $67bn. Recent tragic events around the world are enough to open eyes of big powers.

According to media news, more than 300 people lost their lives in the Philippine province of Mindanao after a worst flooding when Typhoon Bopha hit several coastal areas.

Several thousand people are still in emergency shelters without food and power after the destruction in their areas. The media has been showing horrible pictures of the destruction and miserable conditions of the affected people. Only a month ago hurricane Sandy caused massive destruction in the US coastal areas and even in big cities like New York.

The same year Russia and Australia also saw the worst flooding in their history which caused millions of dollars in damage to property and loss of human lives. Bangladesh and Myanmar are also seeing the worst flooding and things are going from bad to worse everywhere.

K. UMER FAROOQ     Jeddah

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David Nutzuki (@DavidNutzuki)
December 15, 2012 6:29 am
How dare you fear mongers threaten our children like this!
John Furze
December 15, 2012 4:06 pm
Dear Umer Farooq It is correct that most industrialized states are responsible for most of the CO2 damage etc - [not to mention the extreme forest destruction all over the globe]. I also note that the recent conference was held in the country with the highest per-head energy consumption in the world. When a ship is sinking - all peoples in all countries must immediately start their own strategies instead of waiting for "lengthly blame-placement discussions". Pakistan with it's ample sun, reasonable wind and hydro - combined with relativly well-skilled industrial workers, mechanics and engineers/technicans - is indeed very well-placed.- for the immediate and massive introduction of RE-technology. Please note: - The world's first modern solar power plant dates from 1908 in Egypt and Denmark had series production of wind-diesel de-central power generation units already from 1904. Almost every roadside truck-mechanic workshop in Pakistan - [provided there is an availibility of certain elementary components such as 5 m blades, heavy truck back axles and 10-15 kW generators] - could build and assemble a long-life 10-22 kW wind turbine within the space of a few short weeks.. This has all be done before. Please read - "Energy Crisis in Pakistan - Dr.Muhammad Asif - Oxford Univ.. Press - 2011 and the several books and booklets of Dr. Nasim A. Khan. Concerning land re-habilation - Mr. Mahmood Futehally from Agrotool in Karachi is world-famous in this field. best wishes - John Furze - Energy Advisor [retd]
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