OVER the past three years the government had been increasing the prices of gas and CNG with the sole intention to extort money from the people. It knows very well that there is a substantial difference consumption-wise while comparing petrol with CNG.

It wanted to usurp the benefit of CNG that the people have been enjoying. This on the pretext that gas is precious energy and the government cannot allow it to be wasted and burnt in vehicles as this is unproductive. It says that the gas would be provided to industries.

People’s savings in every aspects ultimately contribute to the betterment of the government provided it is sincere and serious about using the savings cautiously in productive areas. This requires good administration, sincerity and devotion. There is no scarcity of gas in the country, what is required is vigilance to cater to the growing needs by increasing its production.

The judiciary, the only organisation that stands to oversee injustices and protect people, has slashed the price of CNG from Rs 84 to Rs54 a kilo after a thorough working on the prices. There are many actors who are not happy with this decision as they do not want people to benefit from the reduction of the CNG price.

Most CNG stations have closed down their business across the country in protest. Those that are still open are facing the problem of low gas supply, besides half-of-the-week closure of gas from the SSGC. As a result, people are finding it very difficult to get gas for their vehicles as they have to waste their precious hours in long unending queues.

Will the authorities concerned take notice of this worrisome situation and do the needful to restore normality.

A. HUSSAIN Karachi

Updated Dec 14, 2012 03:11am

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Dec 14, 2012 09:00am
People of Pakistan are already making plenty of money from stock exchange,forex,investment accounts.CNG licenses have been given to special blessed people.
Dec 14, 2012 08:04am
I am a student of energy and economics. I am all for discouraging use of gas as CNG.